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Making ends meet How far does CHF6,000 really get you in Switzerland?

Salaries in Switzerland can seem high to people living in other countries, but a look at the expenses facing Swiss residents tells a different story.

Paid time off What would paternity leave mean for the Swiss?

Labour law in Switzerland does not provide any paternity leave. Now Swiss voters must decide whether to introduce it.

Driverless future Self-driving buses gain high user acceptance in pilot

A year-long trial of driverless Swiss Post buses in Sion, canton Valais, is declared a success, paving the way for future pilots and developments.

Future of work Switzerland will ‘kick back strongly’ against robot revolution

The backlash against the impact of globalisation and automation on jobs and communities is likely to grow as technologies become more disruptive. 

WEF report 2017 Workplace gender gap fuels Switzerland’s plunge in global index

Switzerland has dropped ten places in an international gender gap index to position 21, lagging behind the Nordic countries in terms of progress.

Daily grind Swiss lack time to enjoy their wealth

Despite Switzerland having one of the highest per capita financial assets, 90% of Swiss adults complain about not having enough time to do what is ...

Making the move What Swiss abroad must consider before heading home

Some 24,000 Swiss living abroad move home every year. Are there enough resources available to help them make the transition?

Employment and migration Foreigners arriving in Switzerland more likely to be highly skilled

The demographics of Switzerland’s immigrant workforce are changing; most new arrivals today are university educated.

Child labour in Switzerland The stolen childhood of the factory children

Many children slaved away in Swiss factories during the industrial revolution. A political outsider helped ban child labour relatively early.