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Health at work Insurer reports sharp increase in work-related illnesses

The number of work-related illnesses such as stress and burnout have increased sharply in recent years in Switzerland, a newspaper reports.

Training for success Most Swiss apprentices find work quickly

Some 85% of Swiss graduating from an apprenticeship find a job within three months; almost half of them stay loyal to the employer who trained them.

Poverty statistics Long-term poverty in Switzerland is rare, report finds

Poverty is a temporary experience for most Swiss, with only 1% of the population considered “permanently poor”, according to a recent report.

Salaries How much do Swiss people earn in 2018?

Who are the biggest wage winners and losers in recent years? Statistics published by canton Zurich detail local salaries for various professions.

Social protection Report finds partial unemployment saves jobs in times of crisis

According to a new study, partial unemployment and a reduction of work hours can save jobs and cut down on overall social benefits paid out.

Gender roles since 1970 How work has evolved for Switzerland’s women and men

We take a look in graphics at how gender patterns have evolved in Switzerland’s labour market.