More passengers Swiss takes delivery of first Bombardier CS300 aircraft

Swiss International Airlines has welcomed its first Bombardier CS300 plan into its fleet. The 145-seat aircraft will begin operating ...

Nouvo The Swiss love flying

The Swiss are flying more and more, and most of the trips are just for fun, not work. How many times a year do you go on a plane?

Health insurance Being spied on for a lower premium?

Nearly half of Swiss are prepared to provide data on their physical activity to their health insurance provider in exchange for a lower premium.

Culinary heritage What do the Swiss eat?

A new exhibition lifts the lid on the key ingredients that make up Switzerland’s culinary heritage.

#WeAreSwissAbroad Selina Thomas: Menu juggling in the Philippines

Fantastic weather, nice people and crazy traffic. 33-year-old Selina Thomas loves living in the Philippines.

SolarStratos Stratospheric plane begins test flights

An experimental stratospheric solar plane has begun its first test flights in Payerne in western Switzerland.

#WeAreSwissAbroad Jonathan Royce Hostettler: Overcoming many hurdles

Can one feel Swiss without ever having stepped foot in the country? Yes, if we take the example of the young American, Jonathan Royce Hostettler. ...

Bug burgers or bug balls? Insect eating goes legal in Switzerland

Mealworms, crickets and grasshoppers can now be served up in restaurants and sold in supermarkets, thanks to new laws.