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Goal for 2020 Car importer’s association calls for four-fold increase in electric vehicles

Auto-Suisse has set an “ambitious” goal for the number of new electric or rechargeable hybrid vehicles on Swiss roads by 2020.

Flat packs How IKEA changed Swiss living rooms

Following the death of the IKEA founder, a look at how his products influenced the way people live in Switzerland. 

#WeAreSwissAbroad: Emanuel Wenk Swiss in Austria spends his life sheltering animals

Burnout led 42-year-old Emanuel Wenk to completely change his life: he went from working in restaurants to working with animals.

Mural court case Swiss graffiti artist sues GM for copyright infringement

Adrian Falkner is suing the US car manufacturer General Motors (GM) for using one of his works for advertising purposes without his consent.

#WeAreSwissAbroad Eva Witschi: invaluable professional experience in London

Before eventually returning to Switzerland, where she would like to bring up her children, 25-year-old Eva Witschi wants to “have adventures in ...