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Swiss airports Fewer planes carry more passengers


While the number of passengers continues to soar, there are fewer planes in operation than in 2000.

Home sweet home? Expats in Switzerland like the safety but not the locals

In expat heaven, safety levels are Swiss, leisure options are South African, teachers are Finnish and neighbours are Mexican. And expat hell?

Getting away from it all Early year camping boom thanks to nature trend

Camping is booming in Switzerland this year: the first half of 2017 saw 1 million overnight stays at camp sites, more than in the last ten years ...

Behind the wheel Classic cars get their motors going in Basel

A parade of classic cars took to the streets of Basel on Wednesday. The ‘Concours d'Elégance’ is the precursor to a classic car rally that begins ...

#WeAreSwissAbroad Jacqueline Tschumi: "Not much flexibility in daily work life"


She left for Japan on a diplomatic internship. Five years later, the 32-year-old is staying put but misses Swiss efficiency and access to outdoors.