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Retiring to Switzerland

Low taxes, beautiful scenery, excellent health care: these are just a few of the reasons people come to Switzerland to retire.

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Willkommen, bienvenue Tourists return to Swiss mountain destinations

Overnight stays in Swiss Alpine resorts have increased for four consecutive seasons, with summer destinations doing better than winter destinations.

Automatic vs manual Swiss gear up for change to driving licence law

From February 1 whoever passes their driving test in an automatic vehicle is allowed to drive a manual car. Not everyone is happy about this.

Opinion ‘Initiative against urban sprawl is unnecessary and harmful’

The Green Party's initiative to curb urban sprawl is too radical and risks blocking further development in Switzerland, argues Hans-Ulrich Bigler.

European survey Wasteful Swiss among top recyclers

Swiss consumers generate an increasing amount of rubbish, but they remain the recycling champions of Europe.

This content was published on January 23, 2019 11:51 AM

Money matters One in two Swiss is happy with personal finances

One Swiss in two is satisfied with the state of their financial situation, according to a study. Just under a third (28%) expect their finances to ...

This content was published on January 3, 2019 4:29 PM

Shimmering Enchanting tourists with lights

Light shows are proving to be popular - a winter tourist attraction in their own right.

The Sounds of... Train-spotting and people-watching around the world

What’s the atmosphere like at train stations in Zurich, Prague, Montreal, Bucharest and Warsaw?