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Multinationals Restructuring at Philip Morris to hit 265 jobs

Tobacco giant Philip Morris says 265 jobs in Switzerland will be affected by restructuring plans.

This content was published on January 27, 2020 12:19 PM

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Politics  Venezuelan leader urges Swiss crackdown on illegal gold

Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaido has urged Switzerland to crack down on illegal gold mining in the Amazon.  Speaking at the World ...

This content was published on January 23, 2020 12:12 PM

#WEF20 Is stakeholder capitalism the answer?

Oliver Classen from the Swiss NGO Public Eye offers perspective on the new Davos Manifesto, launched for the 50th anniversary of the Forum.

#WEF20 At 50, WEF sets out to prove there’s a better kind of capitalism

Half a century after the first elite gathering in Davos, the WEF seeks to show that the invite-only event can go beyond nice taglines.

Security, criticism and success Ten questions about the World Economic Forum

How much does Switzerland spend on WEF security? How much does it cost to be a WEF partner or member? We answer all your questions.

Milk for older babies Nestlé struggles to win over baby formula critics

For Swiss food and beverage giant Nestlé, diversifying its infant formula offerings harbours great promise. But industry critics are sceptical.

Urban development A new skyline for Basel

In some cities in Switzerland, population growth and scarce building land are causing houses to reach for the skies.  Switzerland experienced its ...

Tobacco-culture Should Swiss museums and festivals accept tobacco industry money?

Swiss cultural events and institutions face an ethical dilemma when accepting sponsorship deals from the likes of cigarette giant Philip Morris.

Hikvision UBS accused of investing in Chinese firm behind surveillance of Uighurs

The bank is believed to hold shares in the Hikvision group whose products are used to monitor the Uighurs in detention camps and public spaces.

This content was published on December 15, 2019 6:44 PM