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Jewish refugee policy ‘The boat is full’: 75 years later

Archive documents from September 1942 show how the government’s policy of turning away Jews at the Swiss border was controversial at the time.

Catholic tradition Pope inaugurates Swiss Guard’s new base

Pope Francis has inaugurated the new command centre of the Pontifical Swiss Guard at the Vatican.

Lost in translation? Swiss welfare ‘Imam’ denies hate preaching

A Muslim preacher denies calling for the destruction of Jews and Christians whilst receiving Swiss welfare payments. In a newspaper interview, Abu ...

Saïda Keller-Messahli Switzerland doing little about radical preachers, says progressive critic

According to Saïda Keller-Messahli, Swiss authorities and politicians are naive when it comes to identifying ties between Islamic fanatics in ...

Biel Imam Muslim ‘hate preacher’ might have to leave Switzerland

A Libyan imam who received Swiss welfare and preached messages of hatred has lost his asylum status. Local authorities are looking into deporting him.

Arosa Swiss hotel sign asking Jews to shower sparks controversy

A hotel in the Swiss mountain resort of Arosa is under fire after it posted a sign telling Jewish guests to shower before swimming – sparking ...