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Swiss stats Coronavirus: the latest numbers

Here is an overview of the most important Swiss-related coronavirus data and graphs, which are updated automatically. 

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Sustainable aviation ‘Green’ aviation fuel aims to power planes by 2030

A Swiss start-up is developing an aviation fuel produced solely with water, solar energy and CO2. Will it put an end to “flight shame”? 

Alternative foods & growing methods How food is being reimagined in Switzerland

We are taking great care in deciding what we eat, ensuring more often that foods tick the right health, ethical and environmental boxes.

Science Saturday Second Swiss pandemic wave ‘could be more deadly’

Researchers have used a mathematical model to calculate a possible second wave of the coronavirus pandemic in Switzerland.

This content was published on May 30, 2020 2:03 PM

Space   Scientists confirm an ‘Earth’ around nearest star 

Geneva researchers help confirm the existence of an Earth-sized planet around Proxima Centauri, using the Swiss-built ESPRESSO spectrograph. 

This content was published on May 28, 2020 3:57 PM

germicidal irradiation Swiss hospitals and start-ups test disinfecting robots

Self-driving disinfecting robots with a UV-C lamp tower are currently being tested in hospitals, but could be used in other closed environments.

Zurich University Hospital Study finds hydroxychloroquine linked to higher death rate in Covid-19 patients

An international research team led by the University Hospital of Zurich and Harvard Medical School finds controversial antimalarial drugs show no ...

This content was published on May 23, 2020 11:36 AM

New methods Does saving bee colonies mean breaking with tradition?

Experts have presented new ideas to help save the bees, but they may struggle to gain acceptance among traditional beekeepers. 

Technology Switzerland mulls controversial Covid-19 health passports

Swiss technology firms and medical researchers are developing digital health passports that could be used to certify who is immune to Covid-19.

Covid-19 Swiss vaccine approval: As fast as possible, as slowly as necessary

Dozens of labs around the world are working to find a vaccine against Covid-19. But the approval procedures are lengthy.