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climate change and health Studying the new viruses that emerge from melting ice

Could melting ice release potentially harmful bacteria and viruses into the atmosphere?

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Covid-19 and the climate Can coronavirus help the environment?

Less smog over China, clearer canals in Venice, better air quality in parts of Switzerland – how much is due to coronavirus measures?

Development banks How Switzerland benefits from development aid

Switzerland supports development banks, which aim to boost the economies of poor countries. But aid money also ends up back in Swiss bank accounts.

Battered Europe Storm Ciara wanes in Switzerland after two days of disruption

Strong winds of up to 150km/h have caused travel disruption in Switzerland.

This content was published on February 11, 2020 5:51 PM

Landscapes and flora The lost world of Swiss Alpine biodiversity

An illustrated volume containing some of the first colour images of Swiss landscapes traces the beginnings of research into ecosystems. 

Climate and emissions Switzerland and EU link CO2 emissions trading schemes

Since January 1, Swiss companies have been participating in the European Union emissions trading scheme.

Opinion It’s time to ban private jets

No immediate measure that inconveniences so few people can cut greenhouse gas emissions like banning private jets, argues Mario Huber.

Climate crisis Should the Swiss National Bank invest in fossil fuels?

Environmentalists’ targets include not only private banks like Credit Suisse, but also the Swiss National Bank. 

Looking back How Swiss cartoonists saw 2019

It’s hard to top the absurdity of a president wanting to buy another country. Here’s how Swiss political cartoonists illustrated 2019.

Changes to the climate 2019: fifth hottest year in Switzerland

Switzerland has registered the fifth hottest year since records began in 1864, continuing a trend towards warmer weather which started after 2010.

This content was published on December 20, 2019 6:18 PM

Climate crisis COP25: a decisive conference for the future of the planet

The international climate change conference in Madrid (COP25) will look at adopting detailed rules for implementing the Paris Agreement.