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Bolivian state visit Morales turns to Switzerland for railway expertise

Switzerland has signed a memorandum of understanding with Bolivia to support a rail project that plans to span the continent of South America.

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Cocoa kings The pioneers of Switzerland’s ‘Chocolate Revolution’

How did a country without a single homegrown cocoa bean become one of the world’s leading chocolate manufacturers?

‘Island of high prices’ Swiss fair price initiative heads for nationwide vote

The “For Fair Prices” initiative handed in 107,908 citizen signatures on Tuesday, triggering a nationwide vote on costs of consumer goods.

Labour market Over two million Swiss are covered by collective labour contracts

More than two million workers in Switzerland have jobs covered by a collective labour agreement which guarantees a minimum wage, the Federal ...

World’s longest train tunnel Record number of passengers through Gotthard rail tunnel

It has been one year since the first trains started using the Gotthard Base Tunnel – the world’s longest rail tunnel.