Lie detector Fake news spotting tool gets better

An EU-funded project to develop a tool to spot false information online has made “a lot of progress”, but the technology still has a way to go.

Switzerland’s Multimillionaires Wealth seldom a result of hard work and innovation

Switzerland has the highest density of millionaires in the world. This is not something to be proud of, says one Swiss sociologist. 

swiss national bank Thomas Jordan: five years fighting a strong franc

After five years at the helm of the SNB, Thomas Jordan still faces daunting challenges in sheltering the Swiss economy from eurozone turmoil.

Vote May 21, 2017 Let’s not jeopardise our liberal, secure and inexpensive energy supply!


The new energy law costs a fortune, sets unattainable targets and would deprive citizens of their decision-making powers on an unprecedented scale.

The Rich in Switzerland How they became multimillionaires

More than a third of the 300 richest people in Switzerland are billionaires. Some belong to famous families.