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Beholding pattern Pilot: ‘Let me show you the best of Switzerland’

The passengers of a Swiss flight from Barcelona to Zurich have been given an unexpected tour. The pilot decided to make a scenic detour while in ...

March 4, 2018 Radio and TV licence fee vote to be held next March

Voters will decide next March on a proposal to scrap the licence fee for services of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, including

Child labour in Switzerland The stolen childhood of the factory children

Many children slaved away in Swiss factories during the industrial revolution. A political outsider helped ban child labour relatively early.

swiss rentals Airbnb sees strong growth in mountain regions, report finds

Online rental platform Airbnb continues to expand in Switzerland, but the epicentre of its growth is not urban; it’s the mountains that are booming.

Public broadcasting debate Fact check: the case for and against licence fees

We checked the claims of politicians from the for and against camps in the debate about broadcasting licence fees.

How to spend it Here’s what (the new) Swiss ten-franc note will get you

Crisp and yellow, the new CHF10 banknote will soon be in circulation across Switzerland. But what can you buy with it?

World Obesity Day Obesity less common among Swiss kids

Worldwide, the numbers of obese and overweight children are growing rapidly, but less so in Switzerland.