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Democracy Labs

Making democracy more democratic? Young researchers explain how they’re trying to do that in our video series.

in depth Vote September 23, 2018

What is at stake in the nationwide votes about food production and bicycle promotion in Switzerland?

#DearDemocracy’s international portal for people with a passion for politics

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DIPLOMACY Wettstein – the first Swiss diplomat had the city of Basel in mind

He was the man of the hour in 1648: Basel mayor Johann Rudolf Wettstein faced a herculean task at the peace conference in Münster.

Melting ice Parts of US plane wreck pulled from glacier 70 years on

Parts of a wrecked US military plane have been recovered from melting glacier ice 70 years after it made an emergency landing in the Alps. 

Tax project 17 Linking corporate taxation and pensions: a risky compromise

This is an unprecedented political manoeuvre that may not go down well with ordinary citizens. 

Criminal law Why men can’t be rape victims in Switzerland

Parliament launched discussions about a legal reform of criminal law in the definition of rape.

A Swiss first Pupils must remain in education until 18 in Geneva

Young people in Geneva will have to stay in education until they are 18, so it's back to school or into an apprenticeship for some.

A sketchy existence Swiss animation scene needs polish

The success of "My Life as a Courgette" has boosted animation in Switzerland, but experts say more professionalism is needed.

#WeAreSwissAbroad – Florian Lüthi ‘Everything is a little bit more relaxed’

Florian Lüthi only became an expatriate this year after moving to the Netherlands where he hopes to gain new experience in his job as a nurse.