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parliamentary elections What lies ahead for Switzerland after the vote?

​​​​​​​Green, female and progressive were the headlines from this election. What does this historic vote mean for Switzerland going forward?

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Politics Parliamentary elections 2019

Voters elect the members of the Swiss parliament for the next four-year term on October 20.

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Firsts Why this Swiss election will go down in the history books

From massive shifts in party power to a record result for women, reasons why Sunday’s Swiss parliamentary elections can be called historic.

Switzerland voted Swiss elections: Landslide Green gains tip parliament to the left

Green parties have made major gains at the expense of parties to the right and the left in elections to the Swiss parliament.

Government reshuffle Will the Greens go for a government seat?

Regula Rytz, Green Party president, on whether her party's historic gains in the parliamentary elections should result in a government seat.

2019 parliamentary elections What do Swiss political parties stand for?

Right, left, centre...that's how political parties are usually described. But where do they stand on the main themes dominating Swiss politics?

Safe bet? 5G tests Switzerland’s limits on cybersecurity

As more governments mull the risks of working with foreign vendors of 5G networks, eyes are on Switzerland as one of the technology’s early adopters.

following william england What iconic Swiss spots looked like 150 years ago

William England's Alpine pictures, made using an innovative photographic technique, were a resounding success. Today, they're being re-created.

Forced labour Can Swiss assistance help clean up Uzbek cotton?

A Swiss-backed international programme may help bring back investors after a boycott of Uzbek cotton, but not everyone is sure how much has changed.

Parliamentary elections 2019 The Green wave, women lawmakers, and new majority-makers

Senior political analyst Claude Longchamp looks beyond the October 20 parliamentary elections and analyses the most probable party constellations.