Admittedly the cases are not exactly the same, but Michael J Fox's middle "name" doesn't stand for anything
Police secure the town hall for a complex criminal proceeding in canton Thurgau

Treaty of Rome United Europe: a history

European economic cooperation began with a treaty agreeing on a common market for coal and steel. Sixty years later, the European experiment ...

A worker stands along the stretch of track that needs to be repaired following Wednesday's train derailment near Lucerne
Getting their feet wet: the alpine ecosystem of Leysin in French-speaking Switzerland is a fertile environment for budding scientists.

Back on track Coping with a derailed train in Lucerne

Travellers have been forced to make alternative arrangements after a Eurocity train from Milan to Basel partially derailed on Wednesday afternoon.

Body cams Railway police step up security

If you react suspiciously when questioned by police at Zurich or Lausanne train station, you could be filmed. The Swiss Federal Railways has ...

Interior Minister Berset explaining the planned changes to the medical billing system
Julia Feliz is President and co-founder of Solidarity For Humanity, a grassroots organization founded in Switzerland by Americans abroad and allies after the US presidential election in November last year. Solidarity for Humanity works to provide a platform for marginalized and targeted communities in the US and locally. 
Macky Sall visits a vocational school in Lausanne
In Switzerland, women earn on average 18.1% less than their male counterparts
When sharing an office does not mean working together
Several thousand people took part in the Women's March in Zurich on Saturday