The mosque has long been suspected of having links to radical Islamic movements
The southern Swiss canton of Ticino has a burka ban in place since July 2016
The number of cross-border workers has increased by over 25% in a span of five years

Before the revolution When the Swiss emigrated to Russia

While it could be said that the Russian Revolution was initiated from Lenin’s exile residence in Spiegelgasse 14 in Zurich, an exhibition at ...

Torture Mai Fatty


Mai Fatty, Gambia's minister of the interior, says torture was common under the old regime.  (SRF/

“My Life as a Courgette” Behind the scenes of an Oscar-nominated film

The Swiss stop motion animation that’s taking the film world by storm, “My Life as a Courgette” involved months of work and attention to detail.

Amnesty said the situation for unaccompanied minors was serious
Welcome to Switzerland: a border guard and migrant in Chiasso

Nollywood against migration

Nigerian filmmaker Charles Okafor and his crew have come to Bern to shoot some scenes of "The Missing Steps", a television series funded by Swiss ...

Tuesday's arrests follow raids on the An'Nur mosque on November 2
The golden years can also be poor years - for women at least.
The poll shows the mood in the population about the Swiss parliament and other political players