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becoming swiss Eased citizenship for third-generation immigrants to begin mid-February

From February 15, young people in Switzerland who fulfil certain conditions will be eligible to apply for citizenship via a simplified procedure.

back to work Jobless in Switzerland need more education, say social groups

Two leading Swiss organisations for social action and further education have called for big investment in training opportunities for the unemployed.

Downward trend Improving EU economy sparks plunge in Swiss immigration

The number of European Union workers arriving in Switzerland halved last year from a 2013 peak, falling to 30,799 in 2017.

Global initiative A step towards a new global compact on migration

UN Secretary-General António Guterres explains how migration can benefit the world and what the UN are planning to do to help.

Animal welfare Switzerland bans crustacean cruelty

As part of an overall animal protection reform, the Swiss government has banned the common practice of boiling lobsters without stunning them first.

Biel/Bienne Swiss watchmaking city tries to shed gritty reputation

Home to watchmaking giants Rolex and Swatch, the city of Biel struggles to attract newcomers due to a reputation for financial and cultural poverty.