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Vote September 23, 2018 Radical change for Swiss agricultural policy goes to vote

A leftwing initiative wants farmers to provide food produced in a sustainable way: The radical proposals will come to a vote on September 23.

Vote September 23, 2018 Initiative aims to tighten food checks and balances

A 'fair food' initiative calling for the production of more ethical food comes to a nationwide vote on September 23.

Disaster Swiss react to Genoa bridge collapse

The Swiss president, Alain Berset, has sent his condolences to the victims of the bridge that collapsed in the Italian city of Genoa.

Cash culture Why Swiss people use CHF200 banknotes

The Swiss National Bank is rolling out its newest banknote – and it’s one that people will actually use in the high street despite its high value.

On the move Swiss public transport given good marks for cost-effectiveness

Using public transport infrequently in Switzerland is expensive, but thanks to new special offers, it does well when it comes to value for money. 

September 23, 2018 ballot Swiss to vote on enshrining cycling in the constitution

Promote bike transport and build suitable infrastructure: this is the objective of a proposal to enshrine cycle paths in the Swiss constitution.