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Switched on Future still bright for Swiss lightbulb producer

Righi Licht, Switzerland’s oldest existing lightbulb manufacturer, began life in 1906 at Goldau in canton Schwyz. Despite classic electric lightbulbs being phased out, the traditional firm has managed to survive.

The small Swiss firm, which has changed its name and location several times, is now based in the Schwyz village of Immensee. It still produces bulbs using traditional methods, many of which are handmade.

When Switzerland and the European Union took the decision to phase out traditional lightbulbs in 2009, Righi Licht was forced to change and become a niche producer. It also had to make huge staff cuts.

Strict rules apply for normal household bulbs but not for specilised lamps. Righi Licht therefore focuses on shockproof lamps for trains, ships and for ovens. It still produces decorative lamps and Christmas lights. 

(Photos: Gaetan Bally, Keystone/Text: Gaby Ochsenbein,