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A Swiss first Pupils must remain in education until 18 in Geneva

Young people in Geneva will have to stay in education until they are 18, so it's back to school or into an apprenticeship for some.

#WeAreSwissAbroad – Florian Lüthi ‘Everything is a little bit more relaxed’

Florian Lüthi only became an expatriate this year after moving to the Netherlands where he hopes to gain new experience in his job as a nurse.

Learning on the job The Swiss apprentice: biggest event of its kind shows off "Swiss Skills"

Visitors to the Swiss capital, Bern, have been finding out for themselves what it’s like to work as an apprentice.

Education Listening to deaf children’s needs

In Switzerland many deaf pupils go to mainstream schools. But the Swiss Federation of the Deaf says that many pupils struggle with this approach.

Social security Supplementary benefits – what are they and who receives them?

Reducing financial support for the country’s poorest citizens is triggering heated debates in parliament.

Limited support Swiss parents spared extra cost of supporting offspring

Swiss lawmakers have rejected a proposal to make parents financially responsible for their children until they reached the age of 25, even if they ...

Education indicators OECD: upward educational mobility ‘possible in Switzerland’

People from disadvantaged groups advance in education better than in many other countries, says the OECD. But there is still room for improvement.