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Talking business Swiss expats in fighting spirit over banking service

Swiss expatriates are turning up the heat on Swiss institutions to grant discrimination-free access to financial services.

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High-price island Swiss border towns to combat ‘shopping tourism’


As Swiss border towns want to form an alliance to put an end to the practice of "shopping tourism", we paid a visit to Kreuzlingen to find out more.

Sustainable mobility Cargo bikes: cheaper, faster, greener

Whether it’s dropping off kids at nursery or goods to customers, cargo bikes are increasingly seen whizzing around Swiss cities.

You ask, swissinfo.ch answers Ten things you need to know about Swiss citizenship

How do you become Swiss? Who is entitled to naturalization? swissinfo.ch has collected questions from readers, and ten of them are answered here. 

Swiss Abroad Sharp rebuff for Radical Party leader Petra Gössi

The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad reacted angrily to a politician's suggestion that the pensions of expat retirees could be cut.

Cabinet portfolios Who’s the next Swiss foreign minister?

The resignation of a government minister may not be worth more than a shrug of the shoulders in most countries. Not in Switzerland.

Islamist terrorism Expert warns of growing network of Swiss jihadists

Switzerland could become a hotbed of Islamist militants grown up in the country, according to a senior security expert.

Interview Swiss politician Gössi clarifies controversial pension statement

A follow-up interview with the leader of Switzerland’s centre-right Radical Party to clarify her remarks about the Swiss old-age pension system.

Bern or Jura? A divided Swiss village heads to the polls


For the Swiss town of Moutier, the question of which canton to join – and their cultural identity – has been simmering for decades.

Naturalisation Was your grandma Swiss? You have six months left to claim Swiss citizenship

From January 1, 2018, it will no longer be enough to have a Swiss grandmother or great-grandmother to qualify for a Swiss passport.