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What were the big events that made the news in Switzerland last month? What stories captured the interest of our readers the most? Here are the moments you won’t want to have missed in February.

Viral video: Switzerland Second

A satirical video produced by a late-night comedy show on Swiss TV became part of a hilarious European trend. Countries pitched why they deserve second-place if America comes “first” – a reference to US President Donald Trump’s inauguration speech on January 20.

Read the full article here.

A hit in Japanese: the Prix de Lausanne

The prestigious dance competition Prix de Lausanneexternal link captured people’s imaginations, particularly the Japaneseexternal link crowd fascinated by their young competitors. Here’s our coverage in English.

Swiss plane makes emergency landing in snowy Canada

It’s not every day a flight from Zurich to Los Angeles is forced to land in Iqaluit in northern Canada in freezing temperatures, but that’s exactly what happened to more than 200 passengers on a Swiss International Airlines flight.

Citizenship, taxes and roads

Swiss voters eased the rules on third-generation immigrants becoming Swiss in February. Our reporting on this topicexternal link included voters’ rejection of reforms to corporate taxes but acceptance of a new multibillion-franc road fund. The stories were popular, particularly in Frenchexternal link

Federer wins Australian Open

Swiss tennis star Roger Federer amazed himself, his fans and his critics when he lifted a Grand Slam trophy again in Australia. We looked at how he got there, and how he compares to other tennis greats.

Swiss Abroad

Over on Instagram, we are profiling Swiss living around the world using the hashtag #WeAreSwissabroadexternal link. You can find out more about them hereexternal link. A picture from Pam and Angi was one of the month’s most-liked photos.

High profile ice skaters a hit with Japanese

On Twitter last month a tweet from our Japanese service about Art on Ice caught people’s attention.

"Stéphan Lambiel and Daisuke Takahashi talk at length, backstage."

Haitian skier heads to the World Cup

On YouTubeexternal link the story of a woman from Geneva who represented Haiti in St Moritz caught people’s attention.

One app to unite us all

We launched the Together App! Packed with answers to questions that newcomers have, we hope it will make life easier for people as they settle into Switzerland. You can download the App for iOSexternal link or Androidexternal link.

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