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Federal Railways adds more trains, food

Beginning on December 14, passengers on InterCity (IC) trains in Switzerland will benefit from more frequent connections and food on all routes.

Swiss Federal Railways said on Friday that business and quiet compartments as well as dining carriages would be integrated into all IC compositions.

There will also be more capacity on the line stretching from Geneva to Zurich, the railways said.

Federal Railways CEO Andreas Meyer told a news conference in Bern that the network this year was transporting about five per cent more passengers than last year to reach a new record.

Since 2003, the number of passengers travelling on a full rail pass had increased to 373,000 while the number of people with a half-price pass had risen to 2.2 million.

Meyer warned that the world's densest rail network needed more investment in infrastructure. He said the increase in frequency increased the susceptibility to operational breakdowns.

A lack of rolling stock for 2009 would be a challenge, he added, including a delay in the delivery of new trains to service the Swiss-Italian joint venture Cisalpino line.