MDGs and beyond

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), established in 2000 to tackle the world's biggest problems, are set to expire in 2015. How successful have they been? Beyond the MDGs a new set of so-called sustainable development goals are being crafted. Will they do the job?

Rio Abiseo in northern Peru became one of the latest areas to be recognised by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve. 
The next round of the global poverty fight focuses on sustainable development
A Brazilian woman takes part in the March of the Daisies in Brasilia on August 12 in support of farmers and to protest against inequality and gender violence
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Latest Swiss news
The Addis Ababa summit aims to make poorer nations less dependent on hand-outs from richer states
Health workers carry the body of a man suspected of dying of Ebola and left on the street in Monrovia
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Himalayan vilager
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Jone Benjamim runs a small health clinic offering basic care
Young Eritreans in the Mai-Aini refugee camp, in northern Ethiopia
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