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Recovery money

Swiss funds to help flood-hit countries

Switzerland has pledged CHF15 million ($16.7 million) to Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia to help the countries recover and rebuild after massive flooding left behind an extensive trail of destruction in May.

The foreign ministry said the Swiss delegation agreed to give financial help at an international donor conference in Brussels on Wednesday. In the short term, funding will be diverted from reconstruction projects that Switzerland supports in eastern Europe.

The flooding in the western Balkans left 60 people dead and destroyed the homes and businesses of tens of thousands more, in addition to damaging to public infrastructure. In Serbia, energy production and farming were particularly badly hit.

Around a third of Bosnia was under water for a number of days.

At the time, the Swiss sent rapid-response teams and helicopters along with other emergency measures and aid.

The total for the damage caused came in at about €2 billion (CHF2.4 billion) for Bosnia and €1.5 billion in Serbia.

Switzerland has been involved in development programmes in these countries since the 1990s, working on improving living conditions for the Roma community and modernising infrastructure. and agencies


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