City billboards Not for sale: freedom of expression in Geneva

Feeling inspired? Unleash it on a billboard

Feeling inspired? Unleash it on a billboard


In a city accustomed to offices and advertisements for many of Switzerland's luxury brands, Geneva has been temporarily offering a competing approach.

Enter the blank billboard, where people have been given a chance to express themselves publicly. Below is a gallery with pictures of some of the more notable results.

With the start of this year, the Swiss city has been posting billboards that contain no advertising. City-dwellers were free to express themselves, in an appropriate manner.

About 3,000 such billboards were being put up. The experiment came about because of some disputes over the legal contract for some 3,000 city billboards.

As long as it lasted, Geneva residents and visitors had a chance to seize the day, or at least their creative passion, or political demands, and share it with a wider audience.