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’Ndrangheta Swiss prosecutor confirms mafia arrests

Federal Prosecutor Michael Lauber confirms the arrests at a media conference


Details of mafia activity taking place in Switzerland have surfaced – including a hidden-camera video shot near Zurich – after police arrested 16 people in Italy, two of whom live in Frauenfeld.

Swiss Federal Prosecutor Michael Lauber confirmed the arrests, emphasising the close cooperation with the Italian authorities. As a part of “Operation Helvetia”, police from both countries joined forces two years ago to investigate the dealings of  the Calabrian ’Ndrangheta in Switzerland.

On Monday evening, Lauber told the media that most of the criminal activities were carried out in Italy.

About a dozen men were caught on camera having a meeting in Frauenfeld, a small town in canton Thurgau, some 44 kilometres north of Zurich.

Mafia in Switzerland Secret film of mafia meeting in Frauenfeld

Part of the Calabrian mafia known as the ’Ndrangheta is said to be based in Thurgau in Switzerland. The federal prosecutors office published this ...

Italian police arrested 16 people last Friday, including the two living in Frauenfeld, who are dual citizens. The Swiss Federal Prosecutor’s Office is now expecting extradition requests from the Italian authorities.

It seems that ’Ndrangheta have been active in Thurgau for the past 40 years, with supposed involvement in cocaine and weapons dealing as well as extortion and trafficking. and agencies