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Steady snow leads to road accidents

Steady snowfall that began on Friday evening and continued through Saturday has led to accidents at various locations on highways in Switzerland.

Temperatures in the Swiss lowlands dropped below minus ten degrees Celsius, with many regions remaining cold throughout Saturday.

Meteorologists expect lows to reach between minus ten and minus 15 degrees Celsius on Saturday night.

The poor road conditions were blamed for about three dozen accidents with a span of several hours in canton Zurich. There was also a series of collisions in St Gallen, authorities reported.

In most cases, the automobile collisions were minor although there were some more serious incidents.

A 52-year-old moped driver in canton Solothurn died after being hit by a car. A motorist near St Gallen was seriously injured after driving into a concrete pole.

On Saturday morning, an 80-year-old motorist crashed head-on into a car, leaving five people injured, some seriously.

A municipal worker in the town of Adliswil was injured when the tractor he was using to clear a trail plunged into a creek. and agencies