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Age of Love Zurich’s technocolour Street Parade in pictures

One million ravers, 200 DJs, 28 Love Mobiles – the 27th Zurich Street Parade, one of the largest house and techno parties in the world, meandered through Switzerland’s biggest city on Saturday under perfect weather conditions. (All pictures Keystone.) 

What was louder, the clothes or the music? It’s hard to tell, but the kaleidoscopic crowd slowly following the 28 “Love Mobiles” – music floats – certainly enjoyed the sun and relaxed atmosphere, reflecting this year’s motto of love and tolerance. 

That said, 724 people needed treatment at the medical centre, up a quarter on last year. Most were for cuts, insect bites or circulation problems. Four people picked up serious injuries, for example after falling from a height.

While most people knew their limits, the medical staff had to look after around 280 people who had overdone it on alcohol or drugs. Police said they had arrested 70 people, mostly young men, for disturbing the peace while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Organisers said it was only the third time more than a million people had attended, following successful years in 2001 and 2015. 

Were you there? Let us know what it was like!

Raving in Zurich A million people party at Zurich Street Parade

Zurich’s Street Parade is one of the most popular house and techno parades in Europe.