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Ever seen a newspaper headline or a campaign poster and wondered, “Is that true?” Our goal is to verify factual statements public figures make about Switzerland or Swiss current affairs and come to a conclusion about their accuracy.

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Fact checks by

In a country with a highly developed system of direct democracy, voters must be able to trust what elected officials and other prominent figures in the public eye are saying.

Our aim is to verify factual claims made by public figures or institutions, including on issues coming before voters, being debated in parliament or being discussed by the Federal Council. We examine the facts and provide context using publicly available information and on-the-record interviews, before drawing a conclusion on the accuracy of the claims.

Our fact checks are objective and our choice of claims to verify is impartial. 

If you’d like to suggest a statement to fact-check, write to us (include the statement in full, when and by whom it was said, and any web links.)

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Learn more about how journalists choose statements, produce fact checks, give a verdict and correct errors.