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Financial services Swiss abroad pressure banks at home

The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (OSA) is putting political pressure on Swiss banks for their treatment of Swiss clients living abroad.

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Goodwill footballer Neymar becomes Handicap International envoy

Brazilian football star Neymar showed off his skills on the huge “Broken Chair” statue outside the United Nations headquarters in Geneva on Tuesday.

Wolves Swiss wolf puppies: Small, fluffy, playful

In the canton of Ticino's Valle Morobbia, four young wolves were discovered through a photo trap.

Arosa Swiss hotel sign asking Jews to shower sparks controversy

A hotel in the Swiss mountain resort of Arosa is under fire after it posted a sign telling Jewish guests to shower before swimming – sparking ...

Memory plane Jumbolinos wheeled out to pasture


Swiss International Air Lines has for the last time flown passengers in an Avro RJ100, fondly called a Jumbolino by many pilots, flight attendants ...