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A police officer watches over Bern's Reitschule alternative cultural centre on February 25 during clashes over squatters' rights 
Consuming cereal grains grown in selenium-poor soil can lead to a dietary deficiency of this trace mineral.
The alarm was raised by an employee in December 2015
The designer Christian Louboutin came up with idea of the red soles in 1993 after deciding to enliven a prototype with lipstick to give it more energy
The mosque has long been suspected of having links to radical Islamic movements
A total of CHF20 million in Swiss foreign aid has been earmarked for South Sudan in 2017
Sika CEO Jan Jenisch is confident about the company's future
The southern Swiss canton of Ticino has a burka ban in place since July 2016
The number of cross-border workers has increased by over 25% in a span of five years
Swiss Finance Minister Ueli Maurer has concerns despite the budget surplus
Scientists have long been trying to find a way for people with prostheses to "feel" their limbs
Ousman Sonko is believed to be responsible for torturing members of the opposition under the rule of former president Yahya Jammeh
Protesters gather on the site of the proposed Dakota Access oil pipeline
More than 100 officers conducted several house searches in Ticino
Gorbachev has renounced his title of founding president of the Green Cross
The Medicrime Convention is the first international treaty aimed at combating the illegal trade in medical products 
Amnesty said the situation for unaccompanied minors was serious