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Alexandra Andrist

As a global citizen, Alexandra brings an international perspective to Swiss news. Initials: amva

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Anand Chandrasekhar's India specialist covers a wide range of issues from bilateral relations to Bollywood. He also knows a thing or two about Swiss watchmaking and is partial to the French-speaking part of Switzerland. 

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Domhnall O'Sullivan

Originally from Ireland, Domhnall worked in research and writing in a couple of European countries before joining in 2017. He covers direct democracy and politics and is usually in Bern.

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Dominique Soguel

A multimedia journalist, Dominique Soguel began her international reporting career at Agence France-Presse covering the Arab Spring. She also served as the Istanbul correspondent for the Associated Press before moving to Switzerland in 2016. A native English and Spanish speaker with Swiss roots, she loves to travel and will take any opportunity to chat in Italian, Arabic and French – preferably over coffee. No tea, thank you!

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Geraldine Wong Sak Hoi

A stickler for detail, Geraldine first arrived at in 2014 to study rumours on social media as part of a collaborative research project known as Pheme. She now coordinates the Fact Checks by dossier covering (mis)statements about Switzerland, and continues to follow the trail of online misinformation.

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Isabelle Bannerman

A former nurse, she decided to go back to university to study English and Media studies at University of Basel. There she discovered her love for research and writing and a keen interest in journalism and news in the digital age. Joined SWI in 2020 to work with the Social Media and community engagement team.

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Jessica Davis Plüss

Jessica covers the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to big global companies and their impact in Switzerland and abroad. She’s always looking for a Swiss connection with her native San Francisco and will happily discuss why her hometown has produced some of the greatest innovations but can’t seem to solve its housing crisis.

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Matthew Allen

When not covering fintech, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, banks and trade,'s business correspondent can be found playing cricket on various grounds in Switzerland - including the frozen lake of St Moritz. 

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Sara Pasino

Born and raised in Italy, Sara lived in the UK for a few years and then moved to Bern. As a multimedia journalist she loves to listen to people’s stories and bring news to social media, especially about human rights and climate change.

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Simon Bradley

Born in London, Simon is a multimedia journalist who has worked for since 2006. He speaks French, German and Spanish and focuses on science, technology and innovation issues.

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Thomas Stephens

Born in London, Thomas was a journalist at The Independent before moving to Bern in 2005. He speaks all three official Swiss languages and enjoys travelling the country and practising them, above all in pubs, restaurants and gelaterias.

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Virginie Mangin

Virginie was previously foreign correspondent in China for several international media. She has a background in financial reporting. Her experience stretches through news agencies, daily and weekly publications as well as TV. Having grown up in Switzerland she is excited about coming back.

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