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Finn the bear is out of the woods

The condition of Finn, the Swiss bear shot after he mauled a man who dropped into his enclosure, is steadily improving, officials said on Monday.

Authorities at the Bern Bear Park said the four-year-old bruin was no longer limping around. He had a quiet weekend but was still hungry.

Vets have yet to decide whether Finn will be X-rayed under general anaesthesia or whether he must be operated on.

Finn took a shot in November after attacking a mentally handicapped man who entered his enclosure to rescue a plastic bag.

Both survived, but the bullet split inside the 250-kilogram bear. He was also shot with a tranquilliser.

Finn received an outpouring of support from the public, who placed pots of honey outside his enclosure.

The SFr24 million ($24 million) Bern Bear Park opened in October and houses Finn and companion Björk. It stretches from the traditional bear pit down to the River Aare, giving the animals much more space and a more natural environment to roam in. and agencies