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Tales from Peru Why Switzerland struggles with dirty gold

With gold prices the highest they’ve been in nearly a decade, the quest for the precious metal is heating up in a remote area of Peru where mining and criminal activities overlap.

Switzerland, the world's hub for gold refining, is watching closely.

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How the Swiss are moving back to the mountains

Two-thirds of Switzerland is mountainous, but many people leave Alpine regions since jobs are scarce. Could the digital revolution change that? Meet people who have found ways to live in the mountains thanks to modern infrastructure. 

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Glencore mining faces pushback in Peru

The Switzerland-based multinational wants to expand its copper mining operations in a remote area of the Peruvian Andes. The local community is against the idea, fearing for their health and livelihoods.

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Direct Democracy The citizens' meeting

Five places, five stories - a close-up view of Swiss local democracy 

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My plot of Swiss soil

Allotment gardens were once considered a symbol of the Swiss bourgeoisie, but times have changed. Meet some of today's gardeners.

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The legacy of the Matterhorn

150 years after the first ascent, the multimedia story of a broken rope that changed a family, a village and a mountain