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#WeAreSwissAbroad Thomas Amsler: Loves lobster, misses Bratwurst

After living in coastal Massachusetts for over 50 years, Swiss architect Thomas Amsler says he loves New England, but misses Swiss sausages.

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New generation Swiss comic art is due for a revival

Comics are a Swiss invention, but the country’s market has always been too small to set itself apart. That may be about to change.

Geneva Declaration Saving the spirit of communities through cultural heritage

Nine cities around the world, including Geneva, Mosul and Timbuktu, are now working together to protect cultural heritage. 

Damp squib Exploding Böögg predicts poor Swiss summer

The traditional Zurich weather forecaster, an exploding stuffed snowman perched atop a blazing pyre, failed to set the traditional holiday crowds ...

Social upheavals When Zurich’s New Left rode the pop culture revolution

As part of our series on 1968, we look at how the New Left in Switzerland tried to harness the youth fervour of the time.