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In photos: Schaffhausen The woman who guards a Swiss town

The small town of Schaffhausen, on the border with Germany, is being guarded by a woman for the first time.

International ballet contest Supporting local dancers at Prix de Lausanne

The world-renowned international ballet competition, Prix de Lausanne, is underway in western Switzerland – with 74 young dancers from 19 countries.

Diplomatic documentary Remembering Switzerland’s role in the American hostage crisis in Iran

A Swiss documentary looks at how Swiss diplomats found themselves at the centre of a geopolitical flashpoint 40 years ago.

Cultural divide Survey finds Swiss-Germans more entrepreneurial

Swiss-Germans create 20% more companies than people from the French-speaking part of Switzerland, according to researchers in Zurich. 

This content was published on February 3, 2019 5:51 PM

Extreme conditions Swiss architect makes a mark in Antarctica

What does an Antarctic architect do? Gianluca Rendina designs “buildings” capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and icy, furious winds.  

In photos Who is ‘Homo Helveticus?’

Photographer Didier Ruef's book “Homo Helveticus” captures a personal and documentary perspective of Switzerland through more than 160 images.

From Turner to Whistler Victorian-era masterpieces on display in Lausanne

For the first time in Switzerland, fans of 19th-century British painting have a chance to witness a unique collection gathered in Lausanne.

Film festival Moving family portrait wins Swiss film festival prize

Director Fanny Bräuning has won her second Prix de Soleure award at the annual Swiss Film Festival in Solothurn for her documentary ‘Immer und ...

This content was published on February 1, 2019 10:09 AM

History of Swiss diplomacy Aubert’s African adventure, a turning point for Swiss foreign policy

Forty years ago the Swiss foreign affairs minister spent two weeks in West Africa and opened a new chapter in Swiss foreign policy.

Paper cuts and beautiful robots Master Craftsman Award boosts Swiss arts scene

The Swiss Association of Arts and Crafts wants to show its support for craftsmen and women working in Switzerland with a new type of prize.

Rebel movement Punk is nowhere near dead

Did the punk culture survive? A photo exhibition in Zurich takes a closer look at the rebellious culture.

Breaking the limits Locarno’s new director unveils plans for the next festival

The Locarno Film Festival has a new director. Lili Hinstin, 42, has big ideas for running Switzerland's largest cinematic celebration.

Art cave The treasures of the Swiss Federal Art Collections

The Federal Office of Culture has thousands of works of art. A large portion of the collection is now to be made accessible in digital form.