Foreign Affairs

Right to life Switzerland’s fight to abolish the death penalty


Switzerland is pursuing an ambitious goal to abolish capital punishment around the world by 2025.

Treaty of Rome Fragile but resilient EU marks low-key anniversary


Six decades after the signing of its founding treaty, the EU appears more fragile than ever. But a Swiss expert puts things in perspective.

Divisive populism Political shift challenges Human Rights Council

The first session of the United Nations’ Human Rights Council in 2017 must contend with a global shift towards the political right.

President Doris Leuthard ‘Switzerland is a rock in turbulent waters’

Switzerland's president for 2017, Doris Leuthard, says her job is to give the people a feeling of security in a time of great uncertainty.

Visual data

Migration policy Are the Swiss too strict about the Dublin accords?

Our data shows Switzerland’s strict application of the Dublin accords means migrants are sent to a country where they weren't officially registered.

Opinion Tax reforms will keep Switzerland a top corporate location


The left is fighting a widely supported tax reform that will ensure international acceptance of Switzerland’s tax system, writes Frank Marty.

Opinion We need fairer corporate tax reforms


Special tax regimes in Switzerland’s cantons should be abolished, argues Prisca Birrer-Heimo.