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Food gets clean bill of health

Pork is among the products declared free of dioxin.


A six-month investigation by the authorities has concluded that food products on the market in Switzerland do not contain excessively high levels of the chemical dioxin, which is thought to cause cancer.

The Federal Health and Veterinary Offices said only four out of 116 samples tested contained amounts of dioxin exceeding tolerance levels. The higher, maximum permitted level was never exceeded.

The offices analysed milk and eggs, as well as chicken meat, veal, pork and beef.

The research was carried out following last year's scandal in Belgium, in which dioxin entered food products through contaminated animal feed. Samples taken at the time also found excessive dioxin levels in products on the market in Switzerland.

A spokesman for the health office said it was still waiting for the last results from its wider six-month investigation, but that the overall trend was clear.

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