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Dance in Lausanne No pain, no gain at the Béjart Ballet

Ballet is poetry in motion, a perfectly choreographed and sculpted art form, but perfecting it demands pain, patience and perseverance, as spending time with dancers at the famous Béjart Ballet company reveals.

At a rehearsal for “The Magic Flute”, dancers practiced contortions, balancing and muscle-wrenching movements, which all took a toll on their feet by the end of the day. After seeing the pain the dancers go through for their art, it’s hard to watch a ballet again in the same light.

Béjart Ballet was founded in Lausanne in 1987 and has an international reputation. When renowned choreographer Maurice Béjart passed away in 2007, there were fears that his company would not survive. Those fears were unfounded. The Béjart remains in high demand, under the guidance of artistic director Gil Roman. Some 124 people work for the company, including 44 dancers from 19 countries.