Switzerland vs France liveblog

Liveblog of Switerland vs France, PostFinance Arena, Bern. 24.04.2009

This content was published on April 24, 2009 minutes

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  • 10:29 PM: IIHFHockey Switzerland 1 - France 0. End of the third period. #iihfhockey
  • 10:28 PM: IIHFHockey Kloten--It's over--Slovakia scores with 14 seconds left! 4-3.#iihfhockey
  • 10:23 PM: IIHFHockey Kloten--Tamas Sille scored the tying goal--what's amazing is that he was born in Slovakia!#iihfhockey
  • 10:23 PM: swiss_slapshot Lhenry kills another Swiss chance. #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 10:21 PM: IIHFHockey Kloten--Hungary is playing the unique five-man box in its own end to protect the score. Less than five minutes to go.#iihfhockey
  • 10:21 PM: swiss_slapshot another chance for switzerland... again. no dice. french goalie keeping team in teh game. calling a 1-0 win. #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 10:19 PM: Robert Zimmermann Somebody. Does. Something. ...or do they just need a poor first victory to let the pressure go?
  • 10:19 PM: IIHFHockey Kloten--Csoda!!! Hungary just tied the game on a power play!#iihfhockey
  • 10:16 PM: swiss_slapshot switzerland almost scores. almost. wonder what krueger's thinking. #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 10:14 PM: swiss_slapshot France in the box again... for boarding. Prediction: Switzerland won't score. #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 10:10 PM: swiss_slapshot ten minutes left. will the swiss score again? or the french tie it up? #iihf #hockey #iihfhockey
  • 10:07 PM: swiss_slapshot action in front of the french net. no goal. #iihf #hockey #iihfhockey
  • 10:04 PM: swiss_slapshot audience goes nuts. again. roman wick of switzerland in the box for tripping. #iihf #hockey #iihfhockey
  • 10:04 PM: Thierry Berset Well. 4vs 5 is not the way... Can't understand that sort of move when you're utterly dominating.
  • 10:02 PM: Thierry Berset Swiss machine gun powa... Will end up in, inevitably. HOP SUISSE!
  • 10:01 PM: swiss_slapshot switzerland's plüss excites crowd with almost break, no dice. #iihf #hockey #iihfhockey
  • 10:00 PM: Robert Zimmermann France getting some chances... after a 5vs5 2minutes swiss powerplay! Acceleraaate!
  • 9:59 PM: swiss_slapshot france getting some chances in the swiss end. fans being really loud. #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 9:58 PM: IIHFHockey Kloten--Imre Peterdi just scored for Hungary! Csoda on the way..?#iihfhockey
  • 9:58 PM: swiss_slapshot faceoff in the swiss end. france kills off another one. beniza of switzerland gets 2 for hooking. #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 9:53 PM: Robert Zimmermann Pleeeaaase score early. I bet if they do, it's gonna be a 3 or 4-0. If they don't: swiss syndrom and it will not be cooley in their face..
  • 9:52 PM: swiss_slapshot sannitz of switzerland gets early first shot on goal. dancing cow shaking it on the press table. #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 9:51 PM: swiss_slapshot cooley, the mascot, just got in my face. 3rd period on. #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 9:50 PM: swiss_slapshot third period, switzerland vs france, to start in 20 seconds #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 9:49 PM: IIHFHockey Kloten--The Hungarian word for miracle is "csoda," but perhaps we can't use it tonight. Who knows? 20 minutes left.#iihfhockey
  • 9:45 PM: swiss_slapshot who is this cherubic curly-haired swiss german speaker in the suit and asics sneakers introducing the "euro dancers"?
  • 9:41 PM: swiss_slapshot oops... that swiss player is SEGER not SAGER... my bad. #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 9:39 PM: IIHFHockey End of Period 2. Switzerland has a 1-0 lead. #iihfhockey
  • 9:39 PM: swissamanda Only 1:0 after 40 minutes. - Sounds like the Swiss are not warmed up yet?? We want to see goals.....
  • 9:35 PM: swiss_slapshot switzerland 11 shots on goal in the second period, france 3. #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 9:35 PM: Julien Burnier 9th in 2006, 8th in 2007, 7th in 2008... Switzerland should be (at least) 6th in 2009 :)
  • 9:35 PM: IIHFHockey Kloten--Two quick goals from Slovakia near the end of the second period. Breathing room.#iihfhockey
  • 9:35 PM: swiss_slapshot second period, switzerland vs france, over. #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 9:33 PM: swiss_slapshot coach krueger appeared on the big screen. doesn't look exceptionally pleased. #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 9:32 PM: swiss_slapshot nope. player in the crease. no goal for french. furrer of switzerland in the box for holding though. #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 9:31 PM: swiss_slapshot french score...?
  • 9:30 PM: swiss_slapshot french net off. penallty? #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 9:30 PM: swiss_slapshot switzerland back at full strength #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 9:30 PM: Robert Zimmermann If that's everything the French can do with a power play... why on earth is it 1-0...
  • 9:30 PM: swiss_slapshot Over in Zurich, #Slovakia and #Hungary tied 1-1 #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 9:29 PM: IIHFHockey Swedish federation announced that Columbus Blue Jackets forward Kristian Huselus will join Team Sweden on Sunday. rp #iihfhockey
  • 9:28 PM: swiss_slapshot sager of switzerland heads to the box at 15:44 in the second for cross-checking #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 9:27 PM: swiss_slapshot france kills off another one. not able to capitalise? ref jumps in to seperate sager of switzerland and treille #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 9:26 PM: IIHFHockey No Saku in Switzerland. Abdominal injury keeps Koivu out of the Worlds, says Finnish federation. More at #iihfhockey
  • 9:25 PM: swiss_slapshot french player zwikel gets 2 minutes for hooking at 13:20 in the second #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 9:24 PM: swiss_slapshot french playeer zwikel gets 2 minutes for hooking at 13:20 in the second #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 9:23 PM: swiss_slapshot Really not a lot of physical play here compared with the North American game. #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 9:22 PM: Julien Burnier Come on! We need a show here, not just a victory! 4 goals to go!
  • 9:19 PM: swiss_slapshot switzerland dominating in the french end now. but no goals. both teams change #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 9:17 PM: swiss_slapshot gras gets 2 minutes from delay of game... #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 9:17 PM: swiss_slapshot laurant gras of france sent off #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 9:16 PM: IIHFHockey Kloten--They call him Szuperman. Hungarian goalie Levente Szuper just came up big on a Slovakian power play.#iihfhockey
  • 9:12 PM: swiss_slapshot france causing a bit of trouble in the swiss end... but not enough. #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 9:10 PM: swiss_slapshot switzerland's sannitz will spend 2 minutes in the box for interference #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 9:08 PM: IIHFHockey Kloten--Oh, my. Hungary just scored!!!! Roger Holeczy. First goal in 70 years at the top level of the World Championship.#iihfhockey
  • 9:06 PM: swiss_slapshot switzerland (almost) scores. #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 9:05 PM: swiss_slapshot swizerland and france each have a man in the box, beginning 2nd period #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 9:03 PM: swiss_slapshot second period starting. swiss taking it early to the french #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 9:01 PM: samuel I'm in the place too!
  • 8:55 PM: swiss_slapshot swiss cheerleaders not cold in white hotpants? #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 8:55 PM: Cam Come on!!
  • 8:54 PM: rhalbheer "Only" 1:0 for Switzerland after the fist third
  • 8:47 PM: IIHFHockey End of first period, Switzerland has a 1-0 lead. Shots on goal: 17-6. rp # iihfhockey
  • 8:46 PM: swiss_slapshot first period of switzerland vs france over. switzerland ahead 1-0 #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 8:44 PM: swiss_slapshot french goalie lhenry really keeping his team in the game. 1:30 left in teh first #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 8:42 PM: swiss_slapshot refs blow the whistle with 3:28 left in the first. french box is open. sacha treille heads off for holding #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 8:40 PM: swiss_slapshot switzerland kills off penalty #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 8:38 PM: swiss_slapshot switzerland's du bois gets 2 in the box for hooking
  • 8:35 PM: swiss_slapshot martin pluss of switzerland puts it in the top left corner at 11:33. assisted by streit. #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 8:34 PM: IIHFHockey Switzerland makes it 1-0, Martin Plüss, a bullet of a wristshot, far post, topshelf. rp #iihfhockey
  • 8:34 PM: swiss_slapshot switzerland scores #hockey #iihf
  • 8:33 PM: swiss_slapshot meunier of france in the net, gerber gets in his face. meunier gets 2 for interference #hockey #iihf
  • 8:31 PM: IIHFHockey Game going according to the French plan, first goal very important. However, Swiss control the game completely. #iihfhockey
  • 8:31 PM: swiss_slapshot switzerland ruins empty net opportunity #hockey #iihf
  • 8:30 PM: swissamanda Shots on Goal: Switzerland 9, France 2. Tells all about chances.
  • 8:29 PM: swiss_slapshot france kills off double penalty. bringing it to swiss end. #iihf #hockey
  • 8:28 PM: swissamanda Watching Swiss TV SF: 6 power breaks, 5 commercials. - Good money.
  • 8:25 PM: swiss_slapshot swiss getting chances... but no success so far #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 8:24 PM: swiss_slapshot ch cycling the puck in the french end. france almost gets it out. going back to streit #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey... almost score
  • 8:23 PM: swiss_slapshot treille of france in the box for 2 minutes for holding #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 8:23 PM: swiss_slapshot two frenchmen sitting in the box. perhaps switzerland can do something here. #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 8:22 PM: IIHFHockey Swiss 5-on-3 powerplay at 5:11, for 1.49.
  • 8:21 PM: swiss_slapshot swiss player puts frenchman into ref #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 8:21 PM: swiss_slapshot french controlling the puck in the swiss end. krueger can't be happy about this #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 8:21 PM: IIHFHockey Kloten--No mistake this time. Ruzicka scores a hightlight-reel marker, great toe drag and shot. 1-0 Slovakia.#iihfhockey
  • 8:20 PM: swiss_slapshot jeannin get a good chance against french goalie #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 8:19 PM: swiss_slapshot ok... it's official. i'm not capitalising proper nouns on a twitter feed.
  • 8:19 PM: IIHFHockey Kloten--NO GOAL! The play went to video review--puck didn't cross the line! Fans rejoice!#iihfhockey
  • 8:19 PM: swiss_slapshot french goalie gets bumped by swiss and french player #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 8:18 PM: IIHFHockey Kloten--Incredible noise from the Hugarian fans, but Nagy scores to make it 1-0 Slovakia. Drums beat louder and louder.#iihfhockey
  • 8:17 PM: swiss_slapshot #swiss get first shot on goal vs france #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 8:17 PM: swiss_slapshot Faceoffin Swiss end #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 8:15 PM: swiss_slapshot France controlling in Swiss end...? #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 8:15 PM: swiss_slapshot And... they're off. Switzerland vs France #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 8:11 PM: IIHFHockey The otherwise so quiet Swiss people seem to have a special permit to be ear-popping loud at hockey games. rp #iihfhockey
  • 8:11 PM: swiss_slapshot Switzerland on the ice #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 8:10 PM: swiss_slapshot PostFinance Arena heating up. Five minutes to go #hockey #iihf #iihfhockey
  • 8:09 PM: IIHFHockey All right, the PostFinance Arena has changed colors, it's red and white now, fully. The puck drops in 5 minures. rp #iihfhockey
  • 7:55 PM: swiss_slapshot Guitar solo.... #switzerrland #hockey #iihfhockey
  • 7:54 PM: swiss_slapshot Ageing rock stars preparing to take to the stage. Hopefully long locks stay away from fire machines.
  • 7:53 PM: swissamanda Does Ueli Maurer wear a helmet? Red with a white cross on top?? :-)
  • 7:51 PM: swiss_slapshot Ok... booing is dying down now. People cheering again.
  • 7:51 PM: swiss_slapshot Wow. Maurer's (#swiss sport minister) really getting booed. Even though he's wearing a white and red tie.
  • 7:48 PM: swiss_slapshot twitpic.comExternal link - Drummers take off over #iihfhockey ice in Bern.
  • 7:47 PM: swiss_slapshot Rene Fasel and Ueli Maurer getting on the rink. Maurer got some boos. Ouch.
  • 7:46 PM: swiss_slapshot Swiss national anthem playing. Flags waving. Everything a bit red.
  • 7:44 PM: swiss_slapshot Marching band coming on to the ice. Hope they're wearing curling shoes.
  • 7:42 PM: swissamanda Cool twitpics in good quality from the arena. See below. Is it cold in the arena?
  • 7:42 PM: swiss_slapshot More fireballs please. They're keeping me warm. #hockey Drummers rising above the ice. 30 feet up. Hope the cables are safe.
  • 7:41 PM: swiss_slapshot Lights at PostFinance dimming. Fireballs. Drums. Some kind of LED float moving across ice.
  • 7:32 PM: swiss_slapshot Eating bratwurst and French fries. Arena food surprisingly not overpriced.
  • 7:23 PM: swiss_slapshot #swiss #hockey team skating in circles.... don't worry. only warm-up drills. no sign of krueger yet. fans starting to make noise.
  • 7:18 PM: swiss_slapshot Arena banging #Tiesto #Pirates remix... I think. Them's fightin tunes.
  • 7:17 PM: swissamanda With their 5:0 win over Germany the Russian have proven their power and beeing favorites.
  • 7:16 PM: swiss_slapshot #Swiss #hockey team takes to the ice in Bern. Out of place for not waving a red and white flag? Less enthusiastic reception for French.
  • 7:15 PM: swiss_slapshot Sponsorship is essential, I suppose. But which fan wants to get stuck behind the Skoda SUV in the corner???? #hockey
  • 7:10 PM: Tom what the hell is that?
  • 7:06 PM: swiss_slapshot twitpic.comExternal link - Another PostFinance pic from IIHF #Hockey Championship in Bern. Sorry, mobile phone quality.
  • 7:05 PM: swiss_slapshot twitpic.comExternal link - From inside PostFinance Arena in Bern. Big place.
  • 7:02 PM: swiss_slapshot swissinfo report from #canada and #russia #hockey games in Bern and Zurich. bit.lyExternal link
  • 6:49 PM: IIHFHockey Kloten--Canada-Belarus game story with quotes available in a few minutes on
  • 6:40 PM: swiss_slapshot PostFinance Arena now a bit colder than 20 minutes ago. Just a few journalists and horn-blowing #hockey keeners.
  • 6:31 PM: swiss_slapshot Russia beats Germany 5-0 in Bern, Canada over Belarus 6-1 at #hockey championship.
  • 6:25 PM: swiss_slapshot Tissot handing out free watches to best players on each team. Not much consolation for losing by five points.
  • 6:17 PM: swiss_slapshot #Russia ahead of #Germany 5-0 with a bit over 3 minutes left.
  • 6:15 PM: François Berger Switzerland - France 5-1... Though they might want a 5-0 to look good after canucks and ruskies demonstrations...
  • 6:12 PM: sepharim russian hockey demonstration..oh yeah!
  • 4:07 PM: IIHFHockey Spotted Cooly (2009 cow mascot) sprinting playfully toward fans outside PostFinance Arena. Go Cooly! LA
  • 4:02 PM: swiss_slapshot Following from Twitter? Take a look at our Scribble event: link
  • 3:19 PM: swissamanda My prediction for the game #3 Switzerland-France: 6:2 !
  • 2:57 PM: swiss_slapshot #iihf #hockey championship starting in about a couple hours. good analysis from #ap re undermanned teams. bit.lyExternal link
  • 2:55 PM: swiss_slapshot follow @swissinfoExternal link complete coverage of #iihf #hockey bit.lyExternal link ch vs fra in europe's biggest arena bit.lyExternal link
  • 2:49 PM: swiss_slapshot #iihf #hockey championship starting in about a couple hours. good analysis from #ap re undermanned teams. bit.lyExternal link
  • 5:37 PM: swiss_slapshot Just over 24 hours to go before swissinfo liveblog... CH vs FRA

Tournament facts

The IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship runs from April 24 to May 12 in the cities of Bern and Zurich.

700 million people are expected to watch on television on at least 70 television channels in over 100 countries.

Each match will be followed by over 20 cameras.

The budget is over SFr31 million.

446,440 tickets are available. 303,000 have been sold.

10,000 students have registered for seats for the games.

150 coaches will gather for a symposium in Kloten.

Organisers will hand out 17,000 fruit to players in dressing rooms and hotels.

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Slovakia vs Hungary

In Zurich, Slovakia beat Hungary 4-3.

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