Calendar controversy Time is money: why the Swiss switched calendars


Catholics and Protestants in Switzerland fought, literally, for more than 200 years over the “correct” calendar.

Electronic patient records Privacy concerns raised over e-patient reports

The Swiss government wants patient information to also be compiled electronically and centralised, but concerns remain about data protection issues.

Hats and canes Chaplin museum celebrates first birthday with world record

Some of the 662 “Tramps” who took part in the world’s largest gathering of people dressed as Charlie Chaplin’s most famous character. They met at ...

Russian Revolution Centenary ‘This is about Western perceptions...our relationship to this art’

Bern and Switzerland have more connections to the Russian Revolution than we might at first imagine.

Fasting and furious How a couple of sausages triggered the Swiss Reformation


The time: March 9, 1522, the first Sunday of Lent. The crime scene: a printer’s workshop in Grabengasse, Zurich.

United Orchestration Beautiful music for a good cause


By day, he’s a globe-trotting doctor working to eliminate tuberculosis, by night he plays cello in the UN Orchestra.

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Who is the best? The complete history of every No. 1 male tennis player

How do the different tennis champions compare? We summed up the complete history of all the number one ranked ATP (Association of Tennis ...