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Design anniversary Time flies: iconic Swiss railway clock turns 75

The clocks in Switzerland's railway stations with their particular modern look have become an icon of Swiss design.

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Ski challenge Learn to ski in three lessons!

Wakker Prize Langenthal wins Swiss heritage award for 2019

The town of Langenthal in northern Switzerland has been awarded this year’s Wakker Prize for architectural development and preservation.

Found in Space Is there life elsewhere?

What have we learned since two Swiss astronomers made the first discovery of an extrasolar planet 25 years ago?

Nouvo We are Nouvo

New year, new me! In 2019 we want to show you who we are… because we’re interested in who YOU are.

Croce Verde Switzerland's sole volunteer paramedic service

Croce Verde (Green Cross) Lugano is a non-profit that runs an ambulance service, a low-cost dental practice and first aid training courses.

Swiss tick plague Nation urged to vaccinate against tick-borne disease

Ticks have become such a menace across Switzerland that the government is urging everyone to get vaccinated against a disease they cause.

nouvo Swiss renters up in arms

Falsification of figures, excessive rents: since 2000 Swiss rents have increased at a rate of 50%. And while people are pointing the finger at ...

#SWISSHISTORYPICS What winter used to look like in Switzerland

Snow in Swiss cities is sparse these days. This was not always the case, as historical black-and-white photographs taken between 1930 and 1970 show.

Ski season The piste basher's long night

Werner Freitag and his team are out every night during the ski season in Elm, central Switzerland, preparing the slopes.

nouvo Public transport of the future

Canton Valais has been chosen as the first European location to host a test stretch of the hyperloop, an experimental high-speed transportation ...

nouvo Fighting food waste

A Swiss app fighting food waste has convinced big supermarkets and shops to put their products online at bargain prices at closing time. However, ...

Shimmering Enchanting tourists with lights

Light shows are proving to be popular - a winter tourist attraction in their own right.

Alain Berset Through the Swiss president's eyes

Over the past year, Alain Berset has been accompanied by the Fribourg photographer Nicolas Brodard.