Ulrich Schlüer: "The UN is unable to solve a conflict"

Ulrich Schlüer has always been opposed to Switzerland's membership in the United Nations Keystone

Ulrich Schlüer is a member of the rightwing Swiss People's Party and the House of Representatives.

This content was published on March 18, 2003 - 18:50

He was also a vocal opponent of Switzerland joining the United Nations.

swissinfo: Is there a valid reason for going to war?

From the Swiss point of view, there are never any "good" reasons for a war. It is, however, a good time for Switzerland to remember its traditional role of neutrality.

I see this war as the result of a chain of events, and there is no justification for it.

swissinfo: Has the United Nations lost its credibility?

I have always been an opponent of Switzerland's decision to join the UN.

The arguments our opponents used to [justify joining] have now been shown to be an illusion: the illusion that the UN represents the view of the international community.

The UN is unable to solve a conflict; it has lost its credibility. The UN is not just a debaters' club, it was created to peacefully solve crises such as these - and now it has failed.

The UN has passed 17 resolutions in the last 12 years. These resolutions were never [carried out]. Indeed, thousands of bureaucrats have made a living from these resolutions and with this conflict.

America has expressed its clear will. Something must now happen.

swissinfo-interview: Christian Raaflaub (translation: Jacob Greber)

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