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Fantasy democracy The Swiss village that’s home to an imaginary state

It has its own currency and rejects the democratic state of Switzerland: an imaginary republic in Müllheim, canton Thurgau.

Easyvote survey Don’t trust political journalists, Swiss youth say

Young citizens in Switzerland appear to lose interest in political information and trust in media is waning according to an opinion poll.

‘Ballot box tourism’ Fictitious moves revive tensions over historic Moutier vote

Several citizens moved their addresses temporarily to the town of Moutier to be able to take part in the historic vote last year.

Democracy Labs Bringing everyone to the table

When politics polarise, solutions become difficult and blockades form. How to cope? Get people together and let them speak freely.

Import ban Animal protection or religious freedom?

In Switzerland, animal welfare groups are launching an initiative to ban the import of animal products obtained via cruel methods.

Participatory innovation Swiss direct democracy follows in Oregon’s footsteps

How do you make Switzerland even more democratic? By involving randomly chosen citizens in the deliberation process ahead of popular votes.

Switching time in Switzerland Timeless discussions about an hour of daylight

Swiss clocks just jumped forward one hour in line with Daylight Saving Time. It's a long story with a twist on Swiss democracy.

Direct Democracy The citizens' meeting

Five places, five stories - a close-up view of Swiss local democracy 

Discrimination Survey: foreign names can be an electoral handicap

The Swiss free-list electoral system discriminates against foreign entrants with non-Swiss sounding names, a study has found.

election campaigns Facebook: Switzerland also vulnerable to manipulation

Amidst the storm involving Cambridge Analytica, the Zurich data protection officer has said that a similar scenario is possible in Switzerland.

Public health New initiative calls for tobacco advertising ban

All tobacco advertising that targets children and young adults should be banned, demands a people’s initiative launched on Tuesday.