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Dimitri Rougy The crowd, the digital motivator, and his mobile phone

Dimitri Rougy is a fresh face among the political activists on the national scene. He helped organise Switzerland's first referendum via social media.

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Vote September 23, 2018 Initiative aims to tighten food checks and balances

A 'fair food' initiative calling for the production of more ethical food comes to a nationwide vote on September 23.

Vote September 23, 2018 Radical change for Swiss agricultural policy goes to vote

A leftwing initiative wants farmers to provide food produced in a sustainable way: The radical proposals will come to a vote on September 23.

September 23, 2018 ballot Swiss to vote on enshrining cycling in the constitution

Promote bike transport and build suitable infrastructure: this is the objective of a proposal to enshrine cycle paths in the Swiss constitution.

Democracy Lab How to motivate young adults to participate in politics

Voter turnout among young adults is well below the population average. We discover the true political interests of young people.

Global warming Activists urge action to reform Swiss climate policy

The environmental organisation Greenpeace has staged a symbolic protest against Switzerland’s official climate policy.

Political campaigns Compromise: the biggest asset in Swiss politics

Politicians have a tough nut to crack this summer: the free movement of labour between Switzerland and the EU. A possible solution: more negotiations.

Ahead of the 2019 elections Recruiting voters to be part of the campaign

Traditional politics has relied on influencing public opinion largely through the press. The new politics is all about mobilising crowds. 

Justice initiative Choose judges by lot? How fair is that?

A Swiss people’s initiative has called for federal judges to be drawn by lot. A look at the pros and cons of the Swiss system.