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Government elections ‘Helvetia is calling!’ Is she being heard?

On December 5, the Swiss parliament will elect two new ministers. How many of them will be women?

Democracy league Opaque political financing blights Swiss democracy rating

Swiss democracy has received poor marks for refusing to identify the deep pockets that finance political parties.

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Vote November 25, 2018 ‘Swiss first’ principle could cause upset at ballot box

A proposal to put the Swiss constitution above international law and the promotion of cows with horns could win a majority in next month’s vote.

Civic rights The four ingredients of a successful people’s initiative

The people’s initiative is the fundamental instrument of Swiss direct democracy, but what's needed to make it successful?

With or without you What would a no-deal Brexit mean for Brits in Switzerland?

If the UK drops out of the EU without a deal – what will happen to UK citizens in Switzerland? The clock is ticking.

Proportional representation When a democratic revolution rocked Swiss politics

The introduction of the proportional representation election system 100 years ago ended the dominance of the party of Switzerland’s founding fathers.

Election barometer Swiss Abroad Why Swiss expats vote differently when they go abroad

Ties between Switzerland and the EU are the main concern of expat Swiss citizens who took part in a poll ahead of the 2019 parliamentary elections.

Election barometer Worries over global warming boost hopes of Green Party

The centre-left could win back some ground in the 2019 Swiss parliamentary elections from the political right, according to a new opinion poll.

Global democracy Foundations for league of ‘Democracy Cities’ laid in Rome

A global democracy forum in Rome launches a 'Magna Charta' for enhancing direct democracy in cities around the world.

Direct Democracy Seven ways to circumvent the will of the Swiss people

Curtailing immigration, protecting the Alps, paid maternity leave: in Switzerland, successful referendums may lose out during implementation.

Comment storm ‘Excellent’ or ‘bigoted’? Readers react to St Gallen burka ban

Voters in canton St Gallen banned face coverings in public and comments from readers flooded in. Here’s a representative selection.