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2019 parliamentary elections Europe, not the economy, will decide Swiss political fate

Almost everywhere in the world, the state of the economy is seen as the decisive factor determining the outcome of elections. Not so in Switzerland.

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Swiss media CH Media cuts two Sunday newspapers and staff

Switzerland is losing two Sunday newspapers - the Zentralschweiz am Sonntag and the Ostschweiz am Sonntag – and ten affiliated jobs.

This content was published on March 19, 2019 3:18 PM

Climate strikes Saving the planet and saving UBS – which is the emergency?

Young people are going on strike across Switzerland, demanding that the government declare a state of climate emergency.

Universal verifiability Hackers uncover ‘significant’ flaw in Swiss Post e-voting

Hackers reported a major bug in the new Swiss Post’s e-voting system as part of a public intrusion test. Swiss Post has resolved the issue.

This content was published on March 12, 2019 2:03 PM

Global democracy The ‘third wave’ of autocratisation and the dangers to democracy

The world is currently witnessing a wave of autocratisation, and yet over half of all countries remain democracies.

Eyes and ears On the road with Switzerland’s public broadcaster

Switzerland has a long history of public media – and the challenge of keeping it current for future generations.

healthcare costs Initiative launched to cap health insurance premiums

A people’s initiative wants health insurance premiums to not exceed 10% of income with the balance paid for by the state.

Radical-Liberal Party Grand old Swiss party: a past and future for liberalism

The centre-right Radical-Liberal Party is celebrating 125 years of existence at a national level.

DEMOCRACY LAB Politics: the tough task of educating the Swiss

Is it a surprise that it can be a challenge to promote political education even in a country with a highly developed system of direct democracy?

Election barometer Ties with EU become key issue for Swiss voters

A new poll shows that bilateral relations with the EU are a crucial policy issue for Swiss voters ahead of October’s parliamentary elections.

Alpine Initiative at 25 Has Alpine rail transport come far enough?

The Alpine Initiative aimed to shift the transport of goods through the Alps from road to rail. Where do things stand, 25 years on?

Two-headed proposal Ministers make the case for tax and pension reform package

The Swiss government has launched its campaign in favour of the upcoming national vote on a reform of the corporate tax and pension systems.

This content was published on February 18, 2019 11:52 AM

Biel-Bienne Can participatory democracy raise voter turnouts?

Citizens in Biel are among the least likely in Switzerland to get out and vote. Local authorities want to change this.