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Democracy Labs When you cast your vote far from home

Why do the Swiss abroad vote differently from the Swiss at home? An expert takes a closer look at the political profile of the Swiss diaspora.

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Local politics Rapperswil, a democratic dinosaur?


With its 27,000 inhabitants, Rapperswil is Switzerland’s largest community where citizens still decide on political issues at town hall meetings.

Vote September 24, 2017 Can ‘Old Age Security 2020’ guarantee pensions?

The government and parliament are calling for a sweeping reform of the old age social security system to ensure that pensions can still be paid for.

in depth Vote September 24, 2017

A look at the issues are on the ballot sheet for the September 24 nationwide votes.

Voting rights Suffrage film ‘The Divine Order’ is Swiss Oscars candidate

A comedy that captures Switzerland’s belated and reluctant recognition of women’s right to vote has been chosen as the country’s official entry in ...

Digital democracy The man who wants to revolutionise online government services


“Civic tech” activist Daniel Gasteiger is a former investment banker who wants to digitise Swiss government.

70 years of pensions Swiss pension system marks a milestone - and a turning point

One of the most important referendums in Swiss direct democracy is 70 years old. Once the country’s pride and joy, it’s now a problem child. 

Digital direct democracy ‘Online warrior’ fights for liberal values


Pierre Rom is a sprightly 93-year old who has joined a movement of politically engaged young people: He is part of the “Army of comment-writers.”