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Multinational companies
Jessica Davis Plüss, Expertise: Multinationals, workplace, gender equality, and the occasional story about Swiss immigrants in the US. Initials: jdp

What questions do you have about the Responsible Business Initiative?

On November 29, the Swiss will vote on a people’s initiative that demands companies based in Switzerland ensure respect for human rights and the environment abroad.

Under the initiative, large companies as well as smaller ones in high-risk sectors would be required to assess the impacts of activities in their operations and supply chains. Switzerland-based companies could be held liable for abuses if they failed to exercise appropriate due diligence.

Many confusing or misleading statements on the initiative are swirling as the vote comes closer.  How can we help you navigate the debate? What questions do you have about the initiative?

We'll work to answer questions and comments in the conversation below, and take them on board for our future reporting.

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