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Seniors with addiction A home for elderly drug addicts

What is life like for heroin addicts when they enter old age? One Swiss nursing home provides special care for them.

From Einstein to No. 1 Swiss keep up the patent pace

Switzerland is the champion of the patent world, filing the most patent applications per head to the European Patent Office in 2016.

Ueli Steck: a life remembered From mere mortal to climbing superstar

On the day of his Swiss remembrance ceremony, a look back at the life of phenomenal alpinist and speed mountaineer Ueli Steck.

Anna Reinhart, Zwingli's wife 'Nothing is more precious than love'


Read how priest Huldrych Zwingli's marriage was seen as a powerful signal in the early years of the Reformation.

Analysis Five takeaways from Sunday’s Swiss energy vote

Sunday’s vote endorsing a new energy law reveals five interesting lessons.

Populism Crises that can strengthen democracy

A prominent Swiss political scientist assesses the challenge that populists pose for democracies.

Tama's Tales What our food says about us

Tama Vakeesan meets up with her friend Zoe, born in Switzerland to Greek parents, to find out whose mum is the best cook.

Bertrand Piccard “There is big resistance to the energy transition in Switzerland”


Bertrand Piccard has twice made memorable global circumnavigations: our only limitations are in our minds, he tells

Now in circulation 20 facts about the new CHF20 note

The new Swiss CHF20 now in circulation is 'billed' as the world's most secure bank note. Read more about that and 19 other facts.