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A note in September 2010 announcing that the Metro in Athens was closed. Greek railway and public transport workers had gone on strike against planned reforms to the debt-ridden country's state transport systems

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“My Life as a Courgette” Behind the scenes of an Oscar-nominated film

The Swiss stop motion animation that’s taking the film world by storm, “My Life as a Courgette” involved months of work and attention to detail.

Welcome to Switzerland: a border guard and migrant in Chiasso
The golden years can also be poor years - for women at least.
Seventeen sheep were killed in Cama, canton Graubünden, on February 8, 2017. The prime suspect is a wolf, but DNA analysis is needed to confirm this.
Protesters want action taken against former Peruvian presidents in connection with bribery scandals
Swiss Academy of Sciences President Marcel Tanner believes scientists should spend more time getting their hands dirty in field training, and less time sitting in lecture halls.
A widespread issue - Moroccan women look at photographs of under-age brides during an exhibition in Rabat