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Swiss National Bank Who wins and who loses because of negative interest rates?

The Swiss National Bank’s negative interest rates, introduced five years ago, are having an increasingly significant economic and social impact.

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This content was published on February 23, 2020 10:32 AM

Cyclist admits to blood doping

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Who wants to be Swiss? Swiss passport attracts more Russians than Italians

Not everyone wants to become Swiss. Residents from far away find it more attractive than Europeans, a new study has found.

Würenlingen plane crash ‘Goodbye everybody’: the Swissair 330 disaster

On February 21, 1970, Swissair 330 bound for Tel Aviv crashed shortly after take-off from Zurich, killing all 47 people on board.

End of an era Ermotti’s UBS record: solid but not all plain sailing

Sergio Ermotti arrived at UBS in 2011 during a dark chapter in the history of Switzerland’s largest bank.

Women in parliament – Johanna Gapany ‘You can’t say we progress quickly, but we progress well’

Johanna Gapany caused an upset to become Switzerland’s youngest senator in 2019. How does the 31-year-old plan to change politics?

Climate and migration Geneva platform helps climate refugees around the world

Disaster displacement is considered one of the biggest humanitarian challenges this century. 

Human rights Can Switzerland compel its citizens to do public service?

A popular initiative calls for the introduction of mandatory civic duty to help solve challenges facing Swiss society.

Surtitles at the Schauspielhaus Non-German speakers can finally go to the theatre in Zurich

Zurich’s playhouse has recently introduced English translations for all its plays, hoping to cater to the big potential audience of expatriates.

Foreign policy  Could Switzerland help end the conflict in Yemen? 

Some experts believe that neutral Switzerland might have a role to play in bringing peace to war-torn Yemen.

Without work Who can collect Swiss unemployment benefits?

If you lose your job in Switzerland, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits. This is what you need to know.

Spying scandal   How can Switzerland get answers on the Crypto affair?  

To shed light on the Crypto scandal, Switzerland may set up a rare parliamentary commission of inquiry.

Spying affair Has ‘Crypto Leaks’ exposed Swiss neutrality as a sham?

Swiss politicians, historians and the media are debating the possible consequences of the latest spying scandal for the country’s credibility.