Populism Crises that can strengthen democracy

A prominent Swiss political scientist assesses the challenge that populists pose for democracies.

Inclusive democracy What if the House of Representatives were chosen at random?


An outlandish idea? Food for thought, according to most people stopped in a street in Fribourg.

Voting at 16 A revolution that slipped under the radar?


Ten years ago, voters in Glarus decided to lower the voting age from 18 to 16 - a move that has produced some young and highly active politicians.

Religious Minorities Is the Swiss burka ban a tyranny of the majority?

In a direct democracy, does the banning of new minarets, burkas and the ritual slaughter of animals discriminate against religious minorities?

Constitutional referendum How Turkey's democratic dream of turned ugly


Tensions are high between Switzerland and Turkey – all thanks to direct democracy. Or, more precisely, thanks to the handling of ...

May 21, 2017 vote Voting on Switzerland’s energy future

The Swiss must decide if they are ready give up nuclear energy and rely more on renewables, as part of a vote on May 21.

IOC versus voters Sion 2026: an un-Olympic dream


Voters may have said no to Graubünden’s candidacy for the Winter Olympics 2026, but Switzerland could still be in the running to host the event.