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Casino and betting law

true or false? Gambling fact-check: ‘closed Switzerland’ vs ‘open Denmark’

Ahead of a nationwide vote on the issue, looks at campaigners' claims about Denmark and finds both sides (mostly) sticking to the facts. 

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Monetary reform (Sovereign money initiative)

June 10 vote ‘Cosmetic reforms will not stop another financial crisis’

New international rules are not enough to prevent speculative bubbles and financial crises, says Sergio Rossi, professor of macroeconomics.

June 10 vote ‘The ‘sovereign money’ initiative would weaken Switzerland as a financial centre’

Rather than prevent new crises, the initiative would create uncertainty and compromise the competitiveness of Swiss banks, says Philippe Bacchetta.

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Cantonal votes - Olympic bid

Sion 2026 Should Switzerland bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics?

On June 10, voters in the Swiss canton of Valais will decide on a CHF100 million credit needed to stage the 2026 Winter Olympics.

Opinion poll Winter Olympics: majority opposes key Sion 2026 funding plan

A poll shows most voters in canton Valais oppose the idea of allocating CHF100 million ($100 million) towards the Sion 2026 Winter Olympics bid.

This content was published on May 22, 2018 5:00 PM
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Vote results June 10, 2018

This content was published on June 10, 2018 11:45 AM

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About 5.3 million Swiss citizens, including registered members of the Swiss Abroad community, were eligible to take part in the June 10, 2018 ballot.

Votes on a broad range of issues, as well as elections, also took place in many cantons and municipalities across the country.

It was the second of up to four nationwide ballots this year.

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Explore 600 national votes How direct democracy has grown over the decades

The number of issues put to vote has increased considerably since the 1970s. The graphics present more than 600 nationwide votes since 1848.

Democracy in action Going to the polls

A vote weekend in Switzerland - ballots are cast at local, cantonal and national levels. Swiss citizens are called to cast their votes several ...

Direct democracy What’s a people’s or citizens’ initiative?

Swiss citizens can either propose legislation of their own, or work to defeat legislation already approved by parliament.

Direct democracy What’s a referendum?

Switzerland gives its citizens the chance to play a direct part in political decision-making. Although direct democracy is not unique to ...