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Border meeting

Last night the wind blew so strong amid the thunder and lightning that a favorite plum tree blew down next to the barn.

As the rain lashed, I thanked my lucky stars that I was on a comfortable straw bed with a solid roof overhead.

This morning I bid goodbye to my kind hosts and headed back up into the cloud-enshrouded mountains, headed first for the Dreiländerpunkt, the place where Switzerland, Austria, and Italy come together. This point wasn't fixed until after the First World War, when Tyrol was divided between the territories of newly-defined Italy and Austria. Only Switzerland has been stable.

I'm writing this from the border stone, which is, uncharacteristically, a natural rock. I wish I could report the expansive views and the thoughts to go with them, but the dense fog is turning to rain. I can see nothing and am getting cold. Time to start following the Italian border, which should fill the next two months of my life. Still a huge amount to see and to learn.