Electronic patient records Privacy concerns raised over e-patient reports

The Swiss government wants patient information to also be compiled electronically and centralised, but concerns remain about data protection issues.

Visual data

Comparing pensions People are living longer. Will it mean more work?

International statistics add context to the interconnected debates in Switzerland over retirement age, longevity and pensions.

Global viewpoint Where in the world is public broadcasting?


Switzerland is debating the role public broadcasting should play in the country. What's the situation elsewhere around the world?

Social security Major pension reform wins majority in parliament

Parliament has approved a plan to raise the retirement age for women and a slight increase in old age pension benefits.

Media and democracy Public broadcaster faces political pressure

Parliament is debating the role of public broadcasting in Switzerland. The political right and private media claim it has a monopoly ...

Citizens' rights Swiss Post launches demo version for e-voting

Swiss citizens of some cantons who live abroad now have a choice of two systems with which to vote online in votes in their home country.