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Government elections ‘Helvetia is calling!’ Is she being heard?

On December 5, the Swiss parliament will elect two new ministers. How many of them will be women?

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Democracy Labs

Making democracy more democratic? Young researchers explain how they’re trying to do that in our video series.

in depth Switzerland and the #DroneFrontier's series with swissnex Boston aimed at exploring the changes to policy and society that accompany innovations in drone technology.

#DearDemocracy’s international portal for people with a passion for politics

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Multinationals Want a job in Switzerland? Take a hint from top companies

What does it take to get a job at a multinational company in Switzerland? Experts give our readers a word of advice.

Vote November 25, 2018 ‘Swiss first’ principle could cause upset at ballot box

A proposal to put the Swiss constitution above international law and the promotion of cows with horns could win a majority in next month’s vote.

Building sector conflict Autumn of discontent in the land of labour harmony

As striking building workers stage a second day of protest in Geneva, we look at Switzerland's history when it comes to labour conflicts.

#metoo, one year on Sexual harassment still shrouded in secrecy in big companies

Sexual harassment is still discussed behind closed doors in most companies. So what has changed since #metoo?

competitive frontier Global economic competitiveness stumbles in face of technology transformation

A major update to the WEF's annual Global Competitiveness Index reveals the global economy is ill-prepared for rapid technological change.

2008 crisis The day UBS, the biggest Swiss bank, was saved

The big Swiss bank UBS fell victim to its high-risk strategy of expansion in the US market when the financial crisis erupted ten years ago.

Waiting game The Swiss hunt: collecting the reward for a year’s work

What's it like to go on the hunt in the Swiss Alps, joining tens of thousands of rifle-carrying men each autumn?

Point of view Opportunity knocks for Switzerland in the US

US President Donald Trump prefers bilateral agreements to multilateral ones. For Switzerland, this signifies an opportunity – but also uncertainty.

class divide What the statistics don’t say about teachers’ salaries

How much does a schoolteacher earn in Switzerland? There are big differences between the cantons, and also a gap between theory and practice.