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Anarchists in Switzerland ‘Empress stabbed in the heart’:

In 1898 the Empress Elisabeth of Austria was killed in Geneva by an Italian anarchist - a dramatic case that aroused strong feelings around the world.

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#WeAreSwissAbroad Swiss Abroad Clubs, we want to talk with you will be visiting six Swiss Abroad clubs ahead of October's parliamentary elections. We are looking to holding a roundtable talk in June.

#DearDemocracy’s international portal for people with a passion for politics

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Council of the Swiss Abroad PostFinance faces renewed criticism by expat Swiss

The expatriate Swiss community has called for equal access to the services of PostFinance, but it stopped short of suing the state-owned company.

Take a look Picture of the week

In this series, picture editors choose an image highlighting a news event of the past seven days.

Photography What does Swiss security look like?

Switzerland is one of the world's safest countries. But who should be protected from what, and what does this protection look like?

UN Human Rights Council China steps up diplomatic efforts in Geneva to deflect censure

China and its alleged mistreatment of Uighurs and other Muslims in the Xinjiang region was at the centre of the 40th UN Human Rights Council session.

WORLD WATER DAY The ‘virtual’ water that the Swiss consume abroad

A Swiss resident consumes 4,200 litres of water per day - just over the global average.

Art therapy How patients in Swiss psychiatric clinics painted their experience

An exhibition traces how early Swiss psychiatric patients used art to come to terms with life inside an institution.

Climate finance Banks accused of massive fossil fuel investments

In the past three years, UBS and Credit Suisse contributed $83 billion to a $1.9 trillion flow of fossil fuel company funding, say NGOs.

Troubling trend Anti-Jewish conspiracy theories make a comeback

Last year, cases of anti-Semitism rose in French-speaking Switzerland. The phenomenon is also noticeable in the German-speaking part of the country.

Airborne adventure Record-setting balloon flight marks 20th anniversary

How a Swiss scientist from a family of adventurers pulled off his round-the-world balloon challenge.

Bless you! Why are allergies on the rise in Switzerland?

Soon, even people living high up in the Swiss Alps will no longer be safe from allergies like hay fever.

2019 parliamentary elections Europe, not the economy, will decide Swiss political fate

Almost everywhere in the world, the state of the economy is seen as the decisive factor determining the outcome of elections. Not so in Switzerland.

Trendy and sustainable The new chic: pre-loved watches

With the rise of e-commerce and retro fashion trends, watches are finding a second life around new wrists.