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Spying scandal   How can Switzerland get answers on the Crypto affair?  

To shed light on the Crypto scandal, Switzerland may set up a rare parliamentary commission of inquiry.

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Vote February 9, 2020

Swiss voters decided to extend protection against anti-homosexual      discrimination and rejected a proposal to boost social housing.

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Spying affair Has ‘Crypto Leaks’ exposed Swiss neutrality as a sham?

Swiss politicians, historians and the media are debating the possible consequences of the latest spying scandal for the country’s credibility. 

Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley Swiss set sights on becoming hub for food and nutrition innovation

Big players across industry and academia have come together to boost Switzerland’s reputation as a powerhouse for food and nutrition innovation.

Trust no one Busted! Swiss spy scandals through the years

As Switzerland reels from a decades-old spying affair, here are some of the country’s most scandalous cases of espionage and data theft.

Women in Parliament – Corina Gredig Building bridges between society, business, and the environment

Switzerland should take a leading global role on climate and environmental protection, Corina Gredig believes.

Crypto spying affair How manipulated Swiss tech shaped world politics

Camp David, Iran, Argentina, Panama: These are just a few examples of how the US steered world politics with the help of Swiss firm Crypto.

Nuclear alert Two days in a shelter with 27 neighbours and a barking dog

The work to dismantle the Mühleberg nuclear power plant has begun but a nuclear accident can’t be ruled out for some time.

International day Women still struggle to make inroads into science

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science has been highlighting how hard it is to forge a successful career, also in Switzerland.

#Cryptoleaks Politicians demand full truth about Swiss role in Crypto affair

Who knew what about the relationship between foreign intelligence services and Swiss firm Crypto? Swiss politicians want answers, and quickly.

Cantonal vote Citizenship hurdle ‘risks stigmatising welfare aid’

Denying Swiss passports if applicants have received welfare assistance could result in fewer people in need asking for help, an expert warns.

Inside Geneva Shadow boxing a virus

There is much we still don’t know about the new coronavirus. Meanwhile, an anxious world fills the knowledge vacuum with rumour, and misinformation. 

LGBT Survey shows broad Swiss support for same-sex marriage

A day after voters backed an anti-gay discrimination law, a survey shows a majority also in favour of marriage rights for same-sex couples.

'Congo as Fiction' Congo’s past and present interact at Zurich exhibition

The Rietberg Museum in Zurich is devoting an exhibition to artists from the 'diverse' and 'creative' Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Press review Swiss anti-gay discrimination vote sends ‘strong signal’

The Swiss press have largely welcomed voters’ broad support to closing a loophole in lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) rights.

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