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Solidarity in agriculture Where consumers and farmers pull together

Whoever wants to eat food from the Radiesli farm just outside Bern must lend a hand and share the costs.

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Vote February 9, 2020

Swiss voters will decide on a proposed reform of the anti-racism law to include homophobia and a proposal to boost social housing.

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Gallery: witness to history  The last Swiss Holocaust survivors 

Some of those who lived through the Holocaust live in Switzerland. Photographer Beat Mumenthaler has taken their portraits. 

School and work Why Switzerland’s dual-track education system is unique

Young people used to be faced with making a definitive career choice aged 15 in Switzerland. But nowadays they can change direction later on.

Abandonment and adoption How do ‘baby boxes’ work in Switzerland?

Switzerland does offer an emergency solution for desperate mothers that want to give away their infant anonymously.

Women in parliament – Greta Gysin The environment is her priority, social issues too

Greta Gysin is the first Green parliamentarian from Ticino to be elected to the House of Representatives.

Heroic tradition Historic bravery rewarded with three days of women’s power

In a 300-year-old tradition, two Swiss villages see women stake their claim to power every January.

Parenting series In Switzerland, having a child is becoming a luxury

Women in Switzerland are having fewer children, and they are having them later. Our series on parenting in Switzerland explores why.

Climate and emissions Switzerland and EU link CO2 emissions trading schemes

Since January 1, Swiss companies have been participating in the European Union emissions trading scheme.

Diving record Sixty years on, Jacques Piccard remains the ‘deepest man in the world’

On January 23, 1960, Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh dived to the bottom of the deepest underwater trench in the world. 

55th Solothurn Film Festival ‘The Swiss are all foreigners, aren’t we?’

The 55th Solothurn Film Festival opens its doors today marking the debut of a new director, Anita Hugi.

Hefty bill Negative interest rates have cost Swiss banks CHF8 billion

Swiss banks have been forced to fork out CHF8 billion in negative interest fees since the Swiss National Bank (SNB) imposed its policy in 2015.

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