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All aboard… ‘Chinese trains could one day travel through the Gotthard’

Chinese trains are on track to be a major force in the European market, says a Swiss-based railway expert and consultant.

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Vote September 24, 2017 Enshrining food security, from the farm to the fork

Voters will decide on an integral plan for ensuring Swiss food security. The content of the text spans the entire agricultural and food-supply chain.

Last witch ‘Anna Göldi was like a wild horse, impossible to catch’


Europe's last witch, Anna Göldi, continues to fascinate more than 200 years after her execution in Switzerland.

'Africa does not exist'

This sentence is posted next to images exhibited by Swiss photographer Dominic Nahr.

Democracy Labs When you cast your vote far from home

Why do the Swiss abroad vote differently from the Swiss at home? An expert takes a closer look at the political profile of the Swiss diaspora.

Council of the Swiss Abroad E-voting pilot project seen as a big success


For the first time ever, Swiss expatriates could cast their votes online in the elections for their assembly, the Swiss Abroad Council.

Tama's Tales A life-changing art project

This week, Tama visits the Kidswest Association set up a decade ago in Bern, which introduces art to disadvantaged children.

Moving house Historic building rolls downhill

A 140-year-old mansion in northeast Switzerland has been moved 20 metres downhill.

100 Years of Young Swiss Abroad "So that every child can get to know their roots"


For a century, the Foundation for Young Swiss Abroad has enabled children with Swiss roots to spend holidays in Switzerland.

'newland' Reframing the Swiss immigration debate

Discussions about immigration are often plagued by the prejudices and presumptions of both sides. A new book attempts to go beyond ‘pro’ vs ‘anti’.