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in depth Educating Switzerland

How does Switzerland turn out enough skilled workers? Do Swiss universities fare well on the world stage? Answers here.

Direct democracy

#DearDemocracy’s international portal for people with a passion for politics

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Behind the scenes at CERN Meet the engineers who make machines for understanding the universe

Without engineers like Marta Bajko, CERN physicists wouldn’t be able to test their theories about what happened nanoseconds after the Big Bang.

Vote June 10, 2018 Lucrative gambling business comes under public scrutiny

The stakes are high as Swiss voters contemplate a new gambling law, including a ban on using the websites of foreign casinos.

Vote June 10, 2018 Sovereign money: the answer to financial crises?

A controversial proposal for a sweeping reform of Switzerland's monetary system will be put to a nationwide vote on June 10.

#WeAreSwissAbroad Thomas Amsler: Loves lobster, misses Bratwurst

After living in coastal Massachusetts for over 50 years, Swiss architect Thomas Amsler says he loves New England, but misses Swiss sausages.

The life of a mediator ‘We are constantly surrounded by people yet always alone’

Swiss mediator Julian Hottinger lives out of his suitcase and negotiates for days on end – ‘even with the devil’ if necessary.