Swiss-Iranian relations

Six Swiss People’s Party politicians are making headlines after their controversial visit to Iran over Easter. The group of rightwing politicians included two who helped lead the campaign to ban minarets in Switzerland.  

International Geneva

Will I be able to stay in Switzerland? Can my wife work? What will happen to my cross-border status? Could my firm suddenly up sticks? Two months after an anti-immigration vote, confusion still reigns among foreigners living and working in Geneva. 

International Geneva

Vox pops

Chemical brothers

Another day, another big pharma deal. Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) became the latest companies to join the industry’s mergers and acquisition frenzy on Tuesday with a sweeping exchange of assets that will reshape both companies.  

Executive bonuses

A new era of pay restraint for Swiss bosses has got underway with a swirl of sparklers rather than a full scale firework display. Even when the new bonus-curbing rules come into full effect by 2016, few people believe the ‘cats’ will get very much leaner.  

A model of care

Switzerland has an ageing population – which also means more dementia cases. A residential care home in Biel offers dementia patients a sense of security, while also allowing them a certain amount of freedom. went to have a look. 

Living with dementia

A walk in the garden

Living with dementia

A tour of the house

Living with dementia

How the Blanks cope

The future of the internet

Brazil is playing host this week to the “World Cup of internet governance”, as technology magazine Wired put it. States, hi-tech firms and civil society players will compete over how the net is managed. A Swiss negotiator gives his insights.  

Spanish Civil War

A new book sheds fresh light on Swiss attitudes toward the regime of General Franco in Spain, suggesting that Swiss diplomats worked with it in order to protect Switzerland’s economic and political interests – at the cost of human rights.  



Minimum wage grilled by catering industry

The minimum wage initiative, on which the Swiss will vote on May 18, will have particularly negative consequences for the catering industry, according to the hotel and restaurant federation GastroSuisse.  [...]

Tool-using animals

Sponge trick helps dolphins find food

Dolphins in Western Australia using marine sponges as a foraging tool have managed to find a new niche food, according to Swiss researchers. The sponge-using bottlenose dolphins pass on the skill from mother to daughter.  [...]


Swiss tax authority contacts US clients

Americans with Swiss bank accounts are getting post in connection with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) from Switzerland’s Federal Tax Administration (FTA). In a statement on Tuesday, the FTA announced that it had prepared the letter for banks to include when writing to US bank clients.  [...]

Favoured tipple

Consumption of local wine rises again

Big sales

Nestlé becomes global top three consumer company

Credit Suisse ploughs on

Brady Dougan reassures sceptics in interview

Ukraine annexation

Geneva talks end in roadmap to calm tensions

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