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Democracy Labs

Making democracy more democratic? Young researchers explain how they're trying to do that in our video series.

University studies Education Swiss Made

A portal for international students looking to pursue university studies abroad.

#DearDemocracy’s international portal for people with a passion for politics

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Swiss schools, foreign parents Back to school culture shock

What's it like as a foreigner in Switzerland to send your children off to school here?

#WeAreSwissAbroad – Evelina Stampa 'Never a stranger in Los Angeles'

Swiss citizen Evelina Stampa refelects on life in Los Angeles as part of our #weareswissabroad series.

Dimitri Rougy The crowd, the digital motivator, and his mobile phone

Dimitri Rougy is a fresh face among the political activists on the national scene. He helped organise Switzerland's first referendum via social media.

Vote September 23, 2018 Radical change for Swiss agricultural policy goes to vote

A leftwing initiative wants farmers to provide food produced in a sustainable way: The radical proposals will come to a vote on September 23.

Vote September 23, 2018 Initiative aims to tighten food checks and balances

A 'fair food' initiative calling for the production of more ethical food comes to a nationwide vote on September 23.

Nuclear ban Government’s stance on nuclear ban under scrutiny

Disarmament expert Marc Finaud has questioned Switzerland's decision not to sign a treaty banning nuclear weapons.

The changing face of adoption ‘My parents loved me as if I were their own child’

With photographs and audio recordings, the photographer Carmela Harshani Odoni shows how adoption can be a stroke of good luck or bad luck.