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Too many hurdles Why there are so few women in Swiss local politics

Getting Swiss women to take part in town hall meetings is a challenge, even in a place where the majority of the local government is female. Why?

New info portal Swiss students, politicians work towards university access for refugees

Lack of information and money are keeping qualified refugees in Switzerland from studying and launching careers. Students want to change that.

Tougher regulations Is adoption in Switzerland on its way out?

The boom days of adopting children from abroad are over – nowadays hardly anyone is adopting in Switzerland. There are several reasons.

Inside Geneva Aid agencies in the eye of the storm

It’s the perfect storm. Aid workers – the world’s modern-day saints in many eyes – are suddenly portrayed in the headlines as the vilest of sinners.

Town hall meeting Has Switzerland’s local democracy lost its soul?

Participation in town hall meetings has reached a new low, marking a 30-year decline in Swiss democracy at a local level. But all is not lost.