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From Einstein to No. 1 Swiss keep up the patent pace

Switzerland is the champion of the patent world, filing the most patent applications per head to the European Patent Office in 2016.

Perpetual motion Swiss student's robot becomes overnight hit

This train can ride forever, thanks to a robot created by a Swiss university student.

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Getting physical CERN launches high-energy machine to boost collider data

  The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) outside Geneva has inaugurated a linear accelerator that injects and ...

SolarStratos Stratospheric plane begins test flights

An experimental stratospheric solar plane has begun its first test flights in Payerne in western Switzerland.

Higher education systems ranked Well connected: why the Swiss did well in Universitas 21

Switzerland has the second best higher education system in the world, according to the 2017 Universitas 21 report, just below the United States.

Swiss bunkers Only cabinet ministers get single rooms

Switzerland has an amazingly extensive underworld. If it were all laid end to end, it would form a tunnel 3,780 kilometres long.

Young female academics Why talented women are disappearing from Swiss universities

There are equal numbers of men and women doing PhDs in Switzerland, but by post-doc level, the number of women dwindles.

Supporting science The Swiss researchers turning to crowdfunding

Thanks to crowdfunding, Swiss university students can build an airplane and solve an energy problem. But is this the best way to finance good science?

Heinrich Bullinger The challenges of marrying a nun during the Reformation


The letter which was delivered to the Oetenbach convent on September 30, 1527, changed Anna Adlischwyler’s life for ever.

Inspiring Piccard receives highest French order of merit

Swiss adventurer Bertrand Piccard has been awarded the Order of the Legion of Honour in France for his achievements in promoting a clean environment.