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Whitefish account for some 60% of professional fishing catches in Switzerland today.
Clouds over the village of Lenk, canton Bern. 
Getting their feet wet: the alpine ecosystem of Leysin in French-speaking Switzerland is a fertile environment for budding scientists.
Juri, a healthy male Eurasian lynx from Switzerland, upon his release in an Austrian national park
Ice coring team working to get ice samples from the Mertz glacier
Plants pollinated by bumblebees become more fragrant
A cyclist takes a ride along Lake Zurich in the winter sun
Are you in control of your own health records?

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GM wheat from Agroscope's research centre in Reckenholz-Taenikon is weighed at the Institute of Plant Biology at the University of Zurich
Botox testing kills 600,000 mice per year in the US and Europe.