The poll shows the mood in the population about the Swiss parliament and other political players  
The capital Bucharest and other cities in Romania have seen massive protests this month against a government decree that would have diluted the fight against corruption in the government  

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It took four nationwide votes since the 1980s to ease the strict citizenship procedure for third generation immigrants 
Voters were unconvinced with parliament's plan to revise tax for companies
Graubünden's ski slopes won't host Olympic action in 2026 after voters rejected a potential Winter Games bid
All schoolchildren will soon be on the same page.
The three-day conference at Basel University brought together direct democracy experts and activists
Maths will get competency-oriented goals under Lehrplan 21
Putting the Swiss constitution above international law: The initiative by the Swiss People's Party is a "legal botch-up" according to critics
Campaigners in Austria collected an overwhelming amount of signatures against free trade agreements with the US and Canada