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Living in Switzerland (3 of 5) Owning a home in Switzerland

In Switzerland, every second residential building is a single-family home. A portrait of life in Hägendorf, a small village in canton Solothurn.

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50 year anniversary Switzerland and the first Moon landing

Switzerland is marking 50 years since man first set foot on the Moon. How did the event influence the country?

NASA insider ‘Is there life out there?’ This man’s in charge of trying to find out

Fifty years after the moon landing, what's next for NASA? The man at the head of the space agency's Science Mission Directorate tells

First moon landing The beautiful lunar toy from Bern

The first manned mission to the moon was also one giant leap for the University of Bern, which helped to clear up a misconception about the Big Bang.

Affordable property For sale: Rustic cottage with lake view. Price: CHF1

Nine stone cottages have gone on the market in Italian-speaking Switzerland at CHF1 ($1.01) each – on condition that the buyers do them up.

Direct democracy series ‘Revolution will never start in Switzerland’

Populism isn’t just a right-wing phenomenon. A case in point: Tamara Funiciello, the outgoing president of Switzerland's Young Socialist Party.

LIVING IN SWITZERLAND (2 of 5) Minergie homes are booming in Switzerland

Switzerland’s Minergie label for sustainable construction is booming for new buildings in the German-speaking part of the country.

Mobilisation and parliament elections The power and limitations of the women’s strike

Decentralisation was one reason for the unusually strong turnout at the Swiss women's strike on June 14. But what are the weaknesses of this approach?