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150th birth anniversary When Gandhi visited Switzerland

Gandhi spent five days in Switzerland (December 6-11, 1931) at the home of his friend Nobel-prize-winning French writer Romain Rolland. 

In photos These Swiss inventions have become iconic

The Swiss are often perceived as cautious and meticulous, but they also have a creative spirit that has produced many inventions.

nouvo Big data threatens anonymity

Legal documents stripped of sensible information could be restored with a couple clicks... scary?

Take a look Picture of the week

In this series, picture editors choose an image highlighting a news event of the past seven days.

Visual diary - Locarno 2019 In Between Frames

The "visual diary" is a form developed by the late Jonas Mekas (1922-2019), deacon of experimental film-making and founder of the Anthology Film ...

nouvo Politics, j'adore! - episode 6

The relationship between young people and politics? It’s complicated. But for some the passion still burns. In our new series 'Politics, ...